Danielle Lineker offers hair care tips

These days, hair care products and offerings based on skin care are popular among many consumers. After all, such things help individuals to look their best.

With this in mind, one celebrity has handed out tips to those who may be keen to stock up on their hair care products.

Writing in the Daily Mirror, model and TV presenter Danielle Lineker stated that not everyone can afford to use the services of top stylists, unlike bride-to-be Kate Middleton, who is set to tie the knot with long time boyfriend and now fianc Prince William.

However, this does not mean such individuals should miss out on great locks, she pointed out.

One way of helping to maintain the health of tresses is to be careful concerning how they are combed, Lineker suggested.

She remarked: “Daily brushing and styling can take their toll on your tresses but swapping your plastic brush for one with a natural bristle will help to redistribute your hair’s oils, instantly boosting shine.”

The celebrity added: “Sodium lauryl sulphates in hair products rob hair of its natural shine and also strip your hair colour, so look out for shampoos and conditioners that are SLS free.”

Meanwhile, Lineker went on to advise people not to wash their hair too often, as this can damage it. According to the Welsh-born star, it is generally only necessary to wash tresses a few times a week.

However, those who do need to engage in this process every day should ensure they use conditioners to help their locks retain sufficient moisture. This should be done before the shampoo is applied, she claimed.

Also, “blasting your hair with cold air after a blow dry will have a similar smoothing effect”, she added.

As well as making an effort with their hair, it is particularly important for individuals to engage in skin care during the colder months as the harsh conditions can take their toll on this part of the body.

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