David Beckham Hairstyles – Stand Out From The Crowd

David Beckham… Everywhere we turn, it seems that individuals are talking about him and this is especially true for the ladies. So, what is it about David that really stands out to the crowd? By chance, could it be the hair? Guys, have you taken note that girls seem to like his hair? If you are interested in David Beckham hairstyles, then you have come to the right place.

How would one describe Mr. Beckham’s hairstyles? Long, short, medium and somewhere in between? It seems that he has had many different styles.

It seems like just yesterday when he was sporting long hair around. What do you think about his long hair days? Some like those days, while others do not. Those that did not like those days prefer him with short hair.

When it comes to the hairstyles, it seems that Beckham is definitely unpredictable. At one point in time, we have seen him with cornrows, a shag, faux-hawk and even a mohawk.

However, for awhile now, he’s had short bleached hair and guys, that is good news for you, because this hairstyle is very much affordable. All you have to do is get those clippers and buzz everything off of your head. However, make sure you save a little bit of hair in the forehead area.

Don’t forget to bleach everything. When you have successfully buzzed everything off and bleached what is left, you will be happy to see that you have a Beckham cut. That’s right, you have one of those David Beckham hairstyles you have been wishing for. In the end, you may not be able to marry a Spice Girl, but now that you have that Beckham haircut, you need to carry around that man-like purse that he always has. Now it’s time to go stand out from the crowd.

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By Marsudi Suwarnaadi, an author, hairstylist, & blogger.