Different Options To Get A Private Car For Your Trips In Singapore

If you want to travel around Singapore freely according without worrying about the time schedules, without having to face lot of inconveniences, you should have a private car. The public transport system in the country is impeccable and covers the entire country in a perfect manner. However, you need to adjust a lot in order to use the public transport modes like trains and buses. Neither the trains nor the buses will take you to the exact place where you want to go. Sometimes, you would have to walk a short distance to reach your exact destination and other times, you will have to board a cab. However, when you have your own private vehicle to travel around the country, you can stop wherever you want and go out whenever you feel like. Here are the different options available in the country to travel in a private car.

Renting a car

Choose a reputed Singapore car rental company and get a private car at cheap rates. Most of the rental companies in the country have a large fleet of vehicles. You can choose any sort of vehicle to serve your needs from the rental companies. Hatchbacks, sedans, luxury cars, SUVs, MUVs and all other categories of cars are available in the country at attractive rates. If you place your bookings well in advance you will be able to enjoy extra facilities like airport transfers and also special tariffs. You can go for daily, weekly or monthly rental services according to your period of stay in the country. You can even get a Singapore limousine for rent in the country without paying hefty amounts. Compare the rates offered by different companies before taking the seat behind the wheels.

Leasing a car

If you are on a business trip or on a long vacation, you would require a private car for a long duration. You can contact a Singapore car leasing company with a sound track record to serve your long-term car needs. Compared to buying a car, leasing will help you to save a lot of money. The initial deposit figures and the monthly payment figures are all extremely attractive compared to buying one. You can choose a vehicle that is way beyond your buying budgets and drive around in classy vehicles when you choose the option of car leasing. You will be able to enjoy hefty discounts when you increase the period of lease. You will not have to worry about the maintenance charges of the vehicle as it will be handled by the leasing company. In short, you can enjoy a private ride, until the period of the lease agreement expires, enjoying all the privacy in the world at affordable rates.

Buying a car

The last option would be to buy a car. This option would be good only if you are planning to stay back in the country for a really long period. If your plan is to stay in the country for a year and then leave back to your homeland, you will suffer heavy financial losses if you go for this option. However, when you buy your own car, you are not answerable to anyone. You can drive the vehicle according to your preferences and sell it off when you want.