Different types of men’s tuxedo suits for formal occasions

Whenever the necessity to attend a formal occasion like a corporate get-together, business meet or official reception arises, it is important you are attired in the perfect tuxedo. There are indeed many different types of tuxes and tuxedo accessories for one to choose from. But it will be easier for you to select the right tuxedo for the formal occasion if you can understand the nature and formality of that occasion.

You should particularly attach significance to three things – time of the event whether it is scheduled for morning, afternoon or evening, is it a traditional, ultra-formal, formal, semi-formal, contemporary type of function and finally, has any dress requirement is mentioned in the invitation card.

You will have to necessarily wear a different type of tuxedo for the morning and evening event. There is no common type of tuxedo to suit both type of occasions. If the event is taking place during day time then more casual tuxedos may be appropriate but night time events certainly demand formal tuxedo.

Cutaway coat is a long coat which is dark grey in color and it is usually worn for morning events. Dinner jacket is another type of tuxedo that is meant for late evening functions. This type of tuxedo features a white jacket of regular length with no bells and whistles. Director’s suit is generally worn for a daytime formal wedding only. Tails are strictly reserved for ultra formal and evening occasions.

Tuxedos are the preferred choice of men who frequently attend formal occasions. Wearing tuxedos during formal occasions lends majesty and elegance. Most men prefer black tuxedos as it is widely available, comfortable to wear and gives a classic look. Decide whether you would wear single breasted or double breasted suit. Trends are changing and today both types are deemed appropriate for formal occasions. If you want a more formal look, then tail jacket with a black tie would make you stand out. This would give a formal look particularly in evening parties.

Suits that are rented from department store are conveniently available in different styles to keep updated with the latest trends. If you are planning to rent a tuxedo, however make sure it fits you perfectly as any ill-fitting suit will make you look grotesque. Rented suits are tailored with the average male body in mind, and thus may not fit you perfectly. Once you have decided your favorite tuxedo, get it altered if it is loose. If you are purchasing the tuxedo do check the style and the fabric. If you are unsure which style will suit you, then you can consult the shop owner who will certainly guide you.

Wearing accessories with tuxedos can further enhance your appearance. Some of the important accessories are shoes, bow ties, cummerbunds, cufflinks and waist coats. Cummerbunds and waist coats with a right-fitting tuxedo can make you look trendy. Make sure that the pleats of the cummerbund are upward facing, in case you wear one.

Be careful while choosing the color of your shirt as shirts generally reflect your taste. Silk, brightly colored shirts can work truly well with tuxedos that are worn on formal occasions. There are listings of the latest designs of tuxedos in the market and they come in different colors, fabrics, designs and styles for wearing during formal occasions. The occasion you are attending will help you in choosing the kind of formal wear tuxedo you are going to buy or rent.