Direct Response Advertising – The Multi Billion Dollar Industry

Direct Response Advertising is an up and coming industry worth over 250 Billion Dollars. The funny thing about it is that consumers dont generally feel like they are affected by it. Believing that they arent gullible enough to fool for an advertising campaign. This is until you find they own a Smeg fridge and the latest HD TV. Even people who are suspicious of advertising find a way of being sold things that they might not normally purchase and this is why Direct Response Advertising is such a massive industry.

This form of advertising is easily the most effective form being used today, why is this? One word. Television. Experts in America believe that companies can put their brand across to over 98% of the population. That is approximately 295 million people! These television adverts are also giving potential customers the chance to find out more about the product by using their websites to view and purchase. Something that wasnt available until a few years ago is changing the way we as the consumer purchase goods and as the company advertise it.

In able to get the best possible profit for your brand or product you need to make sure that first of all your product will sell, this sounds obvious but there is no point having a great advert for a poor product. Secondly making a decent profit between the hard cost and the RRP. The cherry on top is to make sure that you offer something that your competitors dont, giving them an incentive to buy your product.

You will find that once consumers use and enjoy your product they will more than likely purchase it again. A decent product will keep a customer for life.