Do I Need a Utah Car Accident Lawyer

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a car accident, any injured parties may need the services of a Utah car accident lawyer. Keep in mind that a simple fender-bender can be settled through your insurance company, but an accident that involves bodily harm may require a lawyer.

A Utah car accident lawyer may be required if you have been injured badly enough to miss work, school or household responsibilities. Every case is different, but if your case resembles any of the following criteria, you may need to secure a lawyer.
1. Serious injuries resulting in broken bones, permanent damage and hospitalization.
2. Someone has died as a result of the car accident.
3. When there are other parties involved like pedestrians and other vehicles.
4. The police or your insurance company can’t decide which party is to blame.
5. Inaccuracies in the police report making you the one to blame.
6. Involving technical, medical and legal issues.
7. Insurance technicalities, the absence of insurance, or problems with the insurer itself. You might be required to hire a Utah car accident lawyer if there is an insurance claim process, which will give you the right to sue at a later date. Standard claims consist of a clearly defined liability, someone has admitted the fault, injuries are minor, medical expenses are negligible and there are no extenuating circumstances requiring investigation.

Having a Utah car accident lawyer will be useful when you are uncertain who is liable, how to handle your claim or when you don’t want to negotiate your own settlement. You should definitely hire a Utah car accident lawyer if the insurance company denies your claim; of if you are seriously injured and huge medical bills or have only residual disability; or if the injured person is a minor; or if your claim is valuable but proof of loss is intangible; or your liability is in question; or if there are complicated facts and circumstances surrounding your accident; or if the injured party has slapped you with a lawsuit.