Dunlop Bags, From Classic Crack Contrast To The Over Flap Mens Fashion Messenger

Dunlop bags come in a pretty good range of styles and colours, so here is a run down of the current mens fashion collection. Cooler than Natalie Portmans cool bits and deeper than Roman Abramovics pockets, theyre one of the best satchels around. Theyve got more space than Dr Brian Coxs theoretical note pads and pockets like a wizards sleeve. In a nutshell, theyre the sac magic of man bags.

Distressed flight bag

Dunlops distressed flight bag is brown with cream piping and adjustable shoulder strap. The material is leather like with a faded look and feel to it that gets more raw over time. It has zip pockets on the front and on the inside, as well as a couple of side pockets for mobile phones and what not. As a flight bag, it comes in handy for the travelling souls, tucking away easily underneath the flight seat in front of you thats an inch too close to your knees for comfort.

It fits, in the least, one laptop, one laptop cable and international power adaptor, an iPod of any variety, as well as a shuffle for those of a miniature persuasion; one, maybe even two books, all of your flight documentation, your personal selection of prophylactics, a chunk of chocolate and peanut covered toffee, a pen, a pencil and maps for finding your way around when you get to where youre going to. You could probably squeeze in a compass and Swiss army knife too, but the latter wont do you any favours when it comes to getting through airport security.

Distressed mens fashion messenger bag

With the same leather look, distressed material as the flight option above, the Dunlop messenger bag gets its distinction from its satchel-like front flap. However, when the flap goes back, under the hood it has the same front and inner zip pockets and Velcro fastening side pockets. Its a little taller and narrower than the flight bag to give it space for more unusual shapes and sizes of documents and other articles of a messanger variety.

Diagonal contoured flight bag

Identical in size and features as the distressed flight bag, the Dunlop contoured flight bags big feature is its unusual design. It comes in either white on black or all black. The first is a bit more casual with the black background cross cut with a diagonal white lower section. Whereas the all black option is great for smarter occasions with both section in black, making it great with a suit.

Double white stripe flight bag

Again, sporting the same brilliant layout of the previous flight bags, the double white strip is a modern classic in the making. It comes in a range of colours, including black, light blue, burgundy and navy with the signature double white stripes running down its front left from the zip pocket. As its produced in a range of colours its got a lot of versatility in terms of catering to different tastes.

Essentially, there are quite a few designs to choose from, but however you look at it, Dunlop bags arent just for Christmas, theyre forever.