Event Management Dublin All You Need To Know

Event management is seen as a strategic marketing tool as it involves identifying the key target audience, developing the main concept, planning and coordinating event logistics. Event managers are employed in a number of different areas including product launches, opening events, commercial events and even personal occasions such as weddings.

Therefore events can be broken down into four main areas:

1.Leisure Events
2.Cultural Events
3.Personal Events
4.Organisation Events

But how does one become an event manager? The first step involves gaining a qualification in event management. Event Management Dublin courses offer qualifications such as diplomas, undergraduate degrees and even postgraduate degrees. These Event Management Dublin courses usually involve the following subjects:

Market Research
Public Relations
Exhibition Management
Charity Events

Students learn marketing basics such as the marketing mix, branding, segmentation and market research. Students are also taught how to write press releases, brief journalists and manage a team effectively. As most events as organised in a bid to make profit event management courses also teach students how to ensure that they make a Return on Investment.

Courses are designed to provide students with the skills necessary to work in this fast paced industry. A clear grounding in planning, designing and managing is therefore crucial. Courses that use case studies to explore key topics are invaluable; these real life examples help give insight into what makes an event successful and more importantly, profitable.

If you would like to study event management but have commitments at the moment then maybe a part time course is better suited for you. Part time courses typically run for a few hours once a week, allowing you to work and study. Not all part time courses are the same however, ensure that you undertake an Event Management Dublin that has knowledgeable and respected lecturers. Lecturers should have a wealth of experience both in international and national event management.

If you do decide to undertake an Event Management Dublin course you will be happy to hear that once qualified opportunities lie in several different sectors including the tourism industry, advertising agencies, PR firms, News and Media and of course specialist Event Management companies.