Facial Hair Styles – How To Improve Your Appearance

In the world of facial hair, it won’t be long before you are in to update your look with little change in that department. Life is as good as one’s experiences so do not be afraid to experiment with various facial hair styles. The typical clean cut look may get a bit monotonous and uninteresting and if that is what you have been maintaining over the past few years its time for a change. Base the new look on the current trends in the facial hair style area. However too much of a good thing is a bad thing so avoid get overzealous but handle the facial hair styles in moderation.

Male facial hair is often culturally renowned with virility and acumen. The facial hair styles vary from moustaches, to beards, goatees and sideburns. The facial hair styles that best suit a particular person is dependant on the shape of his face. Following are some tips based on recent trends for each face type; Men with square jaw lines need to reduce the emphasis on the box shaped face and this can be achieved through a facial hair style with a light beard.

Rectangular or oval shaped faces tend to generally be slender and could try on more obvious stubble to accent the cheekbones. Circular or round faces should use facial hair styles that make the face look more masculine and sharper. This can be achieved through sporting a circular beard or goatee that does not empower the rest of the face.

Men with triangular faces should wear a slightly longer facial hairstyle such as a full beard, as they tend to have very pointed chins. For faces of pear or diamond shape, their very prominent chin can be toned down through a full beard and long side-burns. Finally any individual with an oval face could carry off any style he wishes to as there are a variety of facial hair styles that could complement it.

A change in facial hair style is the shortest and easiest way to update one’s look through experimenting, and if the experiment were not be a success you could always just shave it off and have grown back to which ever facial hair styles is preferred to. Before attempting to change your style, consider the shape of your face and what style best suits it. Once well thought out all you need is your razor, shaving cream and your ready to get on with the new you.