Finding the best short hairstyle for round face

The best short hairstyle for round face is swept back hair. This particular hairstyle would make a round face look narrower and also it would give you a flattening look. If you are blessed with a perfectly round face then you should consider short haircuts. A good volume of hair on either side of the face could make your face look chubby but short haircuts would distract the attention from your broad cheeks.

The problem with round face is that it makes the neck look shorter. With full volume hair, this type of face would look chubby. Also wearing full volume hairstyle would make round faced women look pale and dull. If you have round face then there is nothing to worry. This discussion should encourage you to find right haircuts and not do discourage you from treating your hair. Take the discussion positively and find right short haircut for your perfectly round face.

When you have a round face, you should serious consider wearing a matching short hairstyle for round face. In addition to short hair with swept back style, you could consider a decent haircut close to your face. If your hair volume is not so good then it is good news for you as you don’t need to clip your hair. A good volume of hair on either side of your face could make you look chubby and fatty.

Ask your hairdresser about some popular short haircuts and choose a cut that suit to your face and body type. You should know that every face is different. On search, you would find your round face different from other round looking faces. There are many round face hairstyles but you can’t wear every haircut as not all the haircuts would suit to your round face.

Look at your round face closely. If possible, measure it across cheeks and determine its type. You know it is round but you need to know the perfect shape. For instance you might have double chin. Or your cheeks might have extra fat. Finding a perfect short hairstyle for round face is not that easy as it looks. You need to a little research on hairstyles for round faces.

Round faced women with double chin would find bob haircut just perfect. The specialty is this haircut is that it is convenient to make and maintenance free. Try this short hairstyle for round face, if you have double chin on face.

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