Formal Hairstyles For Long Hair Men Can Use

It seems quite difficult to find formal hairstyles for long hair in men. Men in formal events are traditionally portrayed as creatures with short hair and clean shaven. Some might claim it’s impossible, but enlisted are a few tips on how to make long hair look its best during a black tie event.

Nowadays men hairstyles are very stylish, no more obliged buzz cuts. There is a little more freedom and acceptance of long hair in men. For some corporations it’s a big no-no, as the image of a man with long hair might reflect a rebel attitude and even carelessness. For those who have the privilege of wearing their hair long, here are some tips on formal hairstyles for long hair on those occasions where you can’t avoid attending that dressy event.

If your hair is long enough you can pull it into a ponytail, and slick it back for a clean tidy look. You can even braid it if it flies all over the place. Men don’t curl their hair, but sometimes it’s necessary to flat iron a frizzy set of hair. Yes, we know it doesn’t sound like something you would want to do, but having long hair has its price. You can always go for a trim on the day of the event. Let the hairdresser know it is a special occasion and that you need it styled too.

Looking for a formal hairstyle for long hair in men might seem like an epic task. Look around online and you’ll find there are a ton of options you can choose from. You can also ask your girlfriend, sister or even your mom to help you iron or style it if you don’t know how. In the worst case scenario, got to the hairdresser, you won’t be the first or last one to do it!