Founder Announces the New Hairstyle Salon Software for the Salon Marketing

Nowadays, the hair salons are set up more and more in the market. As a businessman of the hair salon, you need to understand a lot of the knowledge of business. From hair salon history to the current trends, also the image and professional ethics of your stylists, you can’t easily ignore. Believe every of you would like to know how to advance your salon’s competitiveness in salon marketing to get more profit. The traditional management pattern already cannot satisfy the requirement of the marketing now. Innovation ability is the life gene of an enterprise and the source of the core competition. In this modern internet economy, as salons withdraw more and more into their core competencies, so they may become more virtual. We all know that the new technologies are transforming the Internet economy. So, the new salon software the designers provided for you will not only perfect complied with the trend of the times, but also will help you solve all the problems.

Making its formal debut in January, this salon software was developed as an online hairstyle practice business for hairstyle salons or individuals. You can choose the models; pictures of different faces, hairs and skin colors to operate. Of course, you would better also upload your own photos for you can make more direct observations. It provides more than 2000 hairstyles and 30 hair colors for you. In order to achieve your most satisfied effect, you can change the radian and length in arbitrary angles and positions. What you need to hold out only is click the selected photo with mouse. These are only part of it, for those of you satisfactory photographs, you can also print and download to make your permanent memorial. What is worth mentioning, in addition to the online hairstyle choices, it also specially provides to you with the virtual makeover. This means that users could watch the videos in this salon software; it will show how stylists do it. Through this software, you can easily know what kind of makeup looks suits you best to collocate your hairstyle; -360 customers practice- can be really realized.

In addition, this salon software has another advantage is worth stressed. Its price is far below the similar products of the same kind in the market. And the engineering of software program package deal is enhanced to allow more quickly obtain and install. This cheap salon software is powerful in purpose and is also uncomplicated in operation. It positively provides new path for that lasting electronic makeover software’s development.