Four Iconic Car Brands

Among automobile manufacturers, several stand out from the rest. Automobiles become known for different qualities. Some automakers have a long history, while others are known for the vehicles they make today. Here are four iconic car brands, listed in reverse order.


Although Ford is not known for building the most reliable vehicles today, it deserves to be mentioned among the iconic car brands. Henry Ford was among the first to use assembly lines in his factories, and the Model T was the most popular car in the Americas. In its early years, Ford influenced the automobile manufacturing industry. Today, all brands make their cars and lorries on assembly lines.


Germany is known for building high-performance and luxury cars. Auto enthusiasts can debate whether BMW or Mercedes builds a finer vehicle, but BMWs logo is more widely recognized. It is a circle, divided into four sections. The sections alternate blue and white. This logo reveals BMWs history. The company started as an airplane manufacturer, the emblem represents an airplanes propellers against a blue sky. After WWII, BMW had to stop making airplanes. They switched to manufacturing automobiles.


Toyota became an iconic auto manufacturer when it revealed the Prius. This was one of the first hybrid cars. Today, almost every automobile manufacturer builds at least one hybrid vehicle, and many of them outperform the Prius. However, Toyotas model was one of the pioneers in hybrid technology.


Honda is the most iconic car brand in the UK and around the world. People are drawn to Hondas history, because it is the story of an honest man working hard. Soichiro learned to work as a mechanic, without attending school as a child. One day, he thought of attaching a small motor to a bicycle. The motorcycle was born, along with Honda Motor Company. Honda continued to grow through Soichiros commitment to quality and determination.

Today, people purchase Hondas, because they are built to last for years. Honda still has a strong commitment to quality. In addition to this, the company also values safety and style. These three aspects of Hondas philosophy of automobile manufacturing have made their cars the most popular in the UK.

Ford, BMW and Toyota have all become iconic brands, but for different reasons. Ford has a strong history. BMW has a well-known logo, and Toyota created the Prius. However, Honda has a strong history, stylish vehicles and continues to research alternative technologies. Honda is the most iconic car brand.