Funny Men’s Fashion Blunders

Where to start?

Unfortunately, the Don Drapers of this world are few and far between. They are easily out-numbered by the likes of Justin Bieber, whose unhealthy addiction to baseball caps really should be tempered. The relatively small number of fashion alternatives for men, would lead you to think that the chances for faux pas were reduced, however, this appears not to hold true.

Probably the most heinous male fashion crime is the ‘socks and sandals’ issue. There is never, ever, a justifiable reason to pair your sandals, Tevas, or deck shoes with socks. It doesn’t matter if you have to suffer blisters and sore feet for a day or two, just imagine what women go through with their high heels! If you can’t bear the pain, then wear your shorts with a pair of converse and trainer socks i.e. so the sock cannot be seen.

Men also appear to suffer from a higher incidence of colour blindness when it comes to fashion. There are some well accepted rules to follow, for example, limit your outfit to contain either black OR navy, as the two don’t go well together. Furthermore, avoid the temptation of trying to put together a suit yourself. There is a reason that the suit was invented as complete outfit; that is, to avoid men looking like Jeremy Clarkson or his fellow Top Gear presenters. Attempting to put together separates will, more often than not, result in an uncomfortable tonal clash. Laugh at your girlfriend at your peril when she insists something is the ‘wrong’ black or white; you will soon realise there is no uniformity to seemingly uniform colours. However, just in-case you are starting to think you may have got a handle on this fashion ‘thing,’ the look this season is all about wearing atonal shades of grey!

As a final pointer, whatever the current trend, always remember to dress for your years and bare in mind whether you are a beanpole or more amply covered! The trend for skinny jeans in recent times has seen many men fall victim to dressing for a trend, rather than for themselves. Unless you are at art college, or play in some slightly grimy indie band, then you run the risk of looking like Russell Brand, or as though you are modelling a new departure in tights for men. A style that is also difficult to achieve is the sardonic geek. This involves wearing granny-knit sweaters, big glasses and so forth. Worn with panache, you will appear insouciant, get it wrong and you will seriously be taken for a nerd.