Gigo Men’s Underwear And Swimwear Makes Man Explode

Some explosions are good…like the color explosion on GIGO underwear, that will knock the wind out of you with their amazing “color games” performed on some of the most unique underwear items you have ever seen!
Colombian melting pot gives birth to some of the most inventive, playful and colorful underwear styles.
Did you know that Colombia is culturally extremely diverse? You can find a hot pot of mixed cultures from Native American, European, Middle Eastern and African. GIGO underwear certainly follows that tradition of diversity. When you have so many cultures, so many different influences, so many different role models, you’re bound to give birth to some amazing ideas, concepts, colors and styles impossible to be found anywhere else in the world. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the Gigo Sahara Boxer Brief and try not to be dazzled by the hypnotic choice and mixture of colors.
GIGO underwear is just as playful, just as inventive, just as colorful and sexy as the cultural Colombian melting pot.
You might call their style an “explosion of colors”. They are extremely successful in capturing excitement and fun and painting it with colors. Beautiful combinations, that will simply leave you breathless. Like a baby that paints with its fingers, and knows only what it feels, GIGO underwear captures feelings and puts them on their underwear with pinpoint precision. GIGO doesn’t speak, GIGO communicates in graphic language. They developed their own unique wide ranged portfolio of prints and colors, so they are truly a brand of underwear you will want to make your own.
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