Hair Care and Routine of the Day

New Year new method as they say!
I’ll post some more pictures of me (my hair) on this blog which, unfortunately, the tickets will not be much more frequent because I’m busy…
I nevertheless continued my discoveries hair care hot hair tools brand Jessicurl .
During my visit Nayenka (I told you about here) I was delighted to find the brand that I had mostly positive feedback via the internet.
Jessicurl is the product line created by Jessica McGuinty, a young woman with flaming hair wavy and tired of not finding suitable products has its own type of hair has decided to create his own.
His motto: “You Have the Right to Remain Curly” (You have the right to remain curly)
This provides a full range of products rich in natural assets and targeted action perfect for wavy, curly frizzy but also (for some products).
One of the hostesses guided me to the right products for my hair texture and I chose to start with a mask.
For the experiment to be complete, it gave me a sample of hot hair tools Hair Cleansing Cream and Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil.
I started the routine Stimulating Massage Oil (Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil) :
It is a blend of essential oils that have a stimulating effect on the scalp and thus promotes hair growth. This oil is massaged on the scalp (you must apply the right amount) to ask leave 1 hour under a hot towel before washing.
We may also ask to leave overnight, but at least 1 hour before bedtime because of the presence of essential oils that may interfere with sleep.
As a guide the following composition: I found the smell very strong, pungent see. I could not measure the effects of this oil, but I think his action is similar to the action of other oils for growth that I’ve already mentioned on the site.
For the stimulating effect, I was not blown away as I could be with my first pet poo.
I do not take this product because I have adopted three different hot hair tools to use that have the same properties and I am fully satisfied.
I will continue with Cleansing Cream (Hair Cleansing Cream) :
It is a formula that is more gentle shampoo formula that classic it is.
It applies like a shampoo, is left to stand between 2-5 minutes to fully enjoy its super moisturizing and rinsed.
Its composition is as follows:
I really liked my hair you know well and dry well bodied levels loops were relaxed and literally how sweet to the touch!
For me the ideal shampoo for people in a hurry to very dry hair that did not have time to do an oil bath the day before, or even a mask after shampooing.
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