Hair Care At Night

People are really confused and are often seen in a perplexed situation when it comes to taking care of their hair at night. Few of the points will be discussed here which are known to be the best to implement in regards to hair care at night.

Firstly, always comb out your hair at night before sleeping. This avoids your hair from physically tangling together and breaking at night. Also, you can use a dime sized amount of moisturizer on it every 3 to 4 days.
Some women prefer to use a scarf at night. This helps in few cases. There are two types of scarves that you can wear while sleeping; silk scarves or cotton scarves. Silk scarves help to retain moisture and oil in the hair while some hairdressers think that cotton scarves absorb excessive oil from hair and make the scalp itchy. In this regard, take a consultation from your hairdresser.

You should make sure that you twist or braid your hair late in the evening. This will help to give body to your hair and tighten the natural curls that are present in your hair. Moisturizing your hair from natural oil products avoids your hair from pillow friction at night and helps avoiding unwanted breakages.

Sleeping in hair rollers can be uncomfortable and can harm your hair. Use as few rollers as possible. Moreover, rollers with cushions are favored over plastic cushions.

Sleeping with a ponytail is a bad idea because it will cause your hair to break off its edges. This is because this can apply tension on your hair while you sleep and tension of any sort will speed up the hair loss.
If you do not have pillow issues, you can even oil your hair at night before sleeping. This allows the oil to have ample amount of time to penetrate deep in your scalp at night. You will see rapid results after shampooing it in morning.

These are few of the tips that if followed properly can help you to take good care of your hair at night time.