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There are all kinds of different hair styles out there. From womens buns to mens crew cuts, hairstyles are varied and distinct. Hairstyle is all about personality and preference because there are just so many options out there. Many people choose to follow the Hollywood trends while others seem to be set in their ways with their current hair style. Here are some of the most popular hairstyles of today: Long vs. Short hairstyleCurlyBraided hair PonytailCrew cut BunLayered Of course, most hairstyles are geared toward either men or women, so choosing is often within your own gender. Each gender has a multitude of choices when it comes to hairstyles, although women tend to have more of a selection with the wedding and prom hairstyles. There are also factors that come along with hairstyle choices that go beyond simple gender differential as well such as social status, fashion sense and culture. Hairstyles are often developed and designed through hairstylists in shops, malls and outlet stores that specialize in the different colors and fashions. A style could cost anywhere between $9 (for a basic, run of the mill hair cut) and $100+ (for the more sophisticated / complicated styles).Some timeless hairstyles that have been used throughout the generations are: Afros: The hairstyle that is most popular among African-Americans has tended to be some sort of an afro that is worn for black pride and such. Bun: This womens hairstyle is pretty popular because it is so easy to assemble and put together, while still looking elegant and professional. The hairstyle consists of hair just as it sounds- in a bun!Buzz cut: This hairstyle is usually reserved for men, although many women today have this type of military haircut. It consists of short hair all over the head, normally no more then inch long. Ponytail: This womens style is pretty much the easiest hairstyle out there and has been used as long as people remember. All that you need to do is pull your hair to the back and secure it with a rubber band!Hairstyles portray so much about each human being just as DNA does within the scientific measures of the body. You can learn a lot about a person just by what hairstyle they choose to express themselves with and how they approach the type of hair they wear. With a multitude of options, hairstyles can be this, that or anything in between!