Hair Transplant-Invigorating Hopes

If you have been consistently losing your hair over the past few years, it is likely that you are seeking a treatment that will work for you. Many people have tried hair regenerating products to no available…or if they do work, the new hair will begin to fall out again once the product is no longer used.

Toupees are another solution that some men seek when dealing with hair loss. This may be a cost effective way, but most are obvious that the hair is fake. Also, it can be quite embarrassing if it somehow falls off in public.

A more permanent solution to hair loss is hair transplantation. This involves grafting hair off of another part of your scalp (or in some cases, your body), and planting them into the areas of your head where you have lost hair. This is the only solution that will completely alleviate you of your hair loss problem.

Another advantage to hair transplants is once the procedure is complete the newly planted hair follicle will begin to grow like normal hair. This will mean a full head of hair again, which will require haircuts and styling. Some dread having to visit the barber shop, but if you haven’t been able to due to hair loss, you will love sitting in that chair!

There are some potential drawbacks for receiving a hair transplant, but these cons are usually outweighed by the relief of regaining a full scalp. One is the cost of the surgery. It is a great deal cheaper to purchase hair regrowth products or a toupee, but these are only temporary solution. Furthermore, the products will have to be used forever to be successful. Buying these items week after week can be costly as well.

Another disadvantage to hair transplant is the risks that come along with the procedure. It is possible to have some skin damage or scarring after your hair is grafting. However, choosing a physician that has specialized training in hair loss treatments will greatly reduce these risks. Your own family doctor may be able to perform the transplant for you.

Overall, a hair transplant is a highly effective method for eliminating hair loss. It provides a full head of hair that will permanently solve the embarrassment of a comb over or toupee. Also, it will relieve you from having to continuously use hair loss creams and sprays.