Hairstyle Advice for Weak Hair

The right hairstyle advice for weak hair can make a significant difference in your ability to grow long hair while offers great looks in the process. Getting a great haircut is a perfect start, along with regular visits to the salon. However, there is much more to growing strong hair than meets the eye.

Nutrition for Stronger Hair

Developing stronger hair starts from the inside. Eating a balanced diet is an important part of creating strong locks but it is often overlooked by most hairstyle advice for weak hair. Poor diet can lead to hair problems, including loss and breakage. Make sure to include some of the following in your diet to ensure healthier hair:

– Zinc – Iron – Calcium – Silica

Foods that contain these elements including green, leafy vegetables, dairy, oats and dried fruit are ideal when taken in moderation. Some prefer to take vitamin supplements to strengthen hair.

Products for Weak Hair

Hairstyle advice for weak hair includes getting the right products to promote healthy hair. Moisturizer is among the most important gifts you can give your locks. Look for deep moisturizing treatments that promote growth. Many manufacturers offer leave-in conditioners as well as shampoo for weak and brittle hair.

Preventing Damage

While many products offer excellent help for weak and brittle hair, some can be harmful. Try to avoid using a lot of styling products, especially on the ends of the hair shaft. If the hairstyle demands styling products, stick to products that do not contain alcohol and make sure to wash and condition hair thoroughly.

Avoid using:

– Curling irons – Flat irons – Hot air blow drying techniques – Pulling and tugging the follicles

If you are determined to straighten or curl your hair, replace traditional flat irons and curling irons with ceramic styling tools. The ceramic won’t scorch the hair and it won’t cause bubbles to form in the hair shaft.

The most important hairstyle advice for weak hair is to be gentle. Fragile hair should be treated with care and many products offer the support you need to get a great look without sacrificing hair health.

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