Hairstyles For Asymmetric Faces

There are new hairstyles trending the population all the time, and with excellent advice to style the hair to fit the face shape, ladies and gentleman all over the world are able to wear their hair in any desired style with the ability to suit it to their unique face shape. While this is easier for those with a more basic framed face, those with uneven or asymmetrical face shapes will find it much more challenging. If you have an uneven shaped face, learn how to style your hair here.
One of the biggest no-gos in the hair style world when it comes to an asymmetrical face is a fringe, especially full, square ones. As fringes aim to frame the face, a full, blunt fringe will only highlight any unevenness, which could otherwise have gone unnoticed. If you would like to try a fringe, opt for a long, side one keeping the long fringe brushed over the larger side of the face will compliment your features and make the face appear much more even.
Poker straight styles have the ability to dull down any face, so to keep the style lively and bubbly while avoiding an uneven contrast, make the hair livelier with waves and curls. These not only add volume and dimension to your appearance, but will distract from an asymmetrical face.
Sometimes the best way to soften the appearance of an asymmetrical face is to create the illusions of more chiselled features, for example cheekbones. Cheekbones will make the face appear more structured and symmetrical as they sit on level contour lines, and the best way to make these seem present is by having short layers around the face. On the side that is slightly bigger than the other, have the layers almost cutting into the cheek, so that an almost hollow in the face is formed, removing any larger parts of the face from being so easy noticed.
In terms of colouring the hair to suit the face shape, lowlights are a must. With the ability to soften certain features while drawing attention to the eyes and flattering features, lowlights are the perfect way to add some depth to hair. If you would like anymore advice on how to style the hair to suit your face, dont hesitate in contacting Bloomsbury of London as soon as possible with professional hair styling as well as top quality, designer hair pieces, you will definitely find whatever youre looking for!