Harajuku Hairstyle

Harajuku Hairstyle Review

When you are having a bad experience in hairstyle, you likely want to style your hair in unique hairstyles. A Harajuku hairstyle are a great to give yourself a fresh new look and you can know more about Harajuku hairstyle in this articles.

Harajuku style are famous for their wild costume and also their haircut. Costume and hairstyle in Harajuku have gathering admirers from all corners of the world and that is mean huge tourist attraction. If you listen one of Gwen stefani song, you will know it !

The Harajuku hair style is actually eye catching, glamorous and really extreme. When apply this hairstyle, You usually should razor your hair and dye your hair with bright color and of course, make it wild.

Colors in Harajuku hairstyle are done as bold shocks of color in streaks around the head. Part of the real Harajuku lovers in Japan is the colors that they choose to dye their hair usually favor bright like neon colors, hot pink, electric blue, jet black hair or bright red.

Next, Harajuku hair comes in many different styles, many of these styles were created to match the clothing fashions that have become popular in Harajuku like Visual kei, Himegyaru, Kawaii, Gothic, Lolita and Kogal. But, the one thing they all have in common is that they are brightly colored.

Mini pigtails and big pigtails being especially popular in Himegyaru culture, some also favor a Lolita style. But, more men choose to create a messy look, porcupine spike look or spikes in the hair . These hair popular in Visual kei style, one of Harajuku style that come from Japanese rock band.

Harajuku hair style is also not uncommon are inspired by anime character. But, usually when the hair is styled like anime, then the clothes worn look like the costume worn by the anime character, this is called Cosplay or Costume Play.

The last one, Harajuku hairstyle often use many accessories to bring attention to their hairstyle. You will see plastic accessories like Hello kitty or hearts and hair clips scattered throughout their hair.

Well, if you interested with this hairstyle, go to your hairstylist . But, if you only want a little style and color, with basic info in this article, you can easily create it.

Remember ! There are many Harajuku hairstyle in Google images and you can use them as your hairstyle.

Create your own Harajuku hairstyle now !