Home Remedies for Hair Care That You Ought to Know

These days we experience a lot of hair problems due to heredity, pollution, excessive exposure to scorching sun, stress and anxiety, harmful effects of synthetic dyes and hair styling gels, usage of dryers, wrong combing techniques, improper usage of pins and clips resulting in uprooting of hair. The common problems these days include very oily, itchy and flaky scalp, loss of hair due to alopecia, stress, hormonal imbalance, dandruff or dead skin arising from scalp, scalp acne, hair shaft abnormalities characterized by node-like swellings on the shaft and easily breakable, fragile rough hair with split ends and coarse texture.

Another problem invading hair these days is the loose anagen syndrome. It makes the hair grow very thin, and checks the hair from growing in length. Hair in such cases hardly grows beyond the nape of the neck. Fungal infections of scalp, inflammation of hair follicles also cause hair thinning and loss. Head lice and fleas are infestations that may damage scalp as well as cause lot of embarrassment.

Home remedies for taking care this problem naturally

Below are some simple and effective natural remedies for hair care that you can try at your home. These hair care remedies not only prevent hair fall but also check dandruff and dry scalp problem. These remedies make your hair stronger and induce hair growth.

1. Washing with a solution prepared from the juice of one lemon and extracts of the root of banyan tree checks hair fall.

2. Spinach juice application on scalp checks this problem.

3. A paste made out of one tablespoon grounded black pepper and lemon seeds may be applied on scalp. This is a hair fall preventive treatment.

4. A paste made out of amla powder and lemon juice makes hair shiny, healthy and thick.

5. Massaging with a mixture of coconut oil and 2-3 powdered, dry Indian gooseberries prevents baldness.

6. Massaging scalp with coconut milk and warm mustard oil induces hair growth.

7. For treating the problem of dandruff, one should massage vigorously the roots of hair with camphorated coconut oil.

8. Massaging scalp with a mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil regularly also free one from dandruff.

9. Herbal oil such as Hylix improves overall condition and control hair fall and dandruff considerably. It is made of pure ayurvedic herbs to provide your scalp and roots much needed nutrition and care.

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