Homemade Cosmetics – Start A High Profit Business

Homemade cosmetics are fun and easy to make. It’s also a great business venture.
However, certain precautions must be taken.

Many homemade cosmetics recipes do not meet the quality standards required for retail products.

Handcrafters recipes do not usually contain the necessary ingredients to prevent the formation of bacteria in skin care and cosmetic items.
The water and/or oil found in almost all cosmetic products can easily promote the growth of molds and very serious bacteria, unless the correct ingredients are used. A product can be contaminated for some time before you can actually notice any problem, for instance a change in smell or any irritation to the skin.

Homemade cosmetics, if they are to be suitable for sale to others, must have a reasonable shelf-life.

The variety of cosmetic and beauty products is huge – from skin care to hair care, make-up, mens and babies formulations.
The markets for homemade cosmetics are endless.

Hotels and accommodation venues use in-house guest toiletries everyday, then there are beauty and spa salons, hairdressers, pharmacies, gift stores, etc.

For you to start your own homemade cosmetics business and generate profit margins between 500 – 1000 % you don’t need to have a university degree or fancy laboratory.
Most of the equipment you need is readily available for very little cost.

The prefect companion for homemade cosmetics is manufacturing high quality toiletries and cleaning products.
These can include handwashes, pet shampoos, and everyday domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning products.
The combination of catering for both markets ensures a steady source of income all year round.

These necessity products are widely used by everyone everyday and create a great advantage for you to expand your business in many ways, promoting your own brand.
With the right formulations, you can make comparable, if not better, products than the multi-national corporations who have previously dominated this industry.