How To Be Successful In Your 5linx Business Without Really Trying

Two Words: Internet Marketing.

As a 5Linx distributor, if you’re not marketing on the Internet, you’re missing the biggest opportunity of your life, literally. In your business there’s no one doing this! You could easily explode your profits by using these modern marketing techniques in your 5Linx business.

In researching MLMs, I’m continually amazed at how many GREAT companies are still teaching the old 3-foot rule of selling there opportunity to anybody breathing, literally. People hate this pushiness.

Folks, getting people to a home or hotel meeting may have worked yesterday – but today, people seek answers online. This is Pull (or Attraction) Marketing.

Google’s the most popular search engine online so that’s where you want to be found. Attraction – On!

10 Things You Need To Know To Succeed With Google

1. The numbers do not lie. Search marketing is all about data. There is a lot of data to look at. Choose your metrics carefully, keep a close eye on them and make smart, deliberate decisions.

2. Character counts. 95 to 190 characters is all you get for headlines, organic gives you more and search gives you less so learn to get straight to the point. Take Twitter as an example. Think fast. Tell me about your 5Linx business in 140 characters or less.

3. You can work your 5Linx business half a day -just choose the 12 hours you want to work. Successful marketers put massive hours in at first and are willing to be flexible. Google is always open for business.

4. The Midas touch. Your competitors will think you have the Midas touch when you are doing everything perfectly. It will be our little secret about all of the testing that you’re really doing. It will be our secret.

5. No free lunches, folks. Also known as organic. Others call it natural. Everyone knows it as SEO traffic. It’s free, not counting the time it takes to generate it. Then, hang on tightly.

6. Do sweat the small things. This is true! The best video I ever did went immediately to the first search result within Google. Wooohooo, right? Not exactly. There was no sound. (See #4)

7. Quitters never win and winners never quit. What criteria does Google use to determine who is first in the search results? Great question! That’s what we all want to know. Try, try and try again.

8. Be patient. Stick with whatever 5Linx business strategy you create. Refine it. But, don’t abandon it – You WON’T get to #1 in organic or paid results overnight.

9. Content may be king but it better be relevant. You’ve heard that old cliche “where the neck turns the head goes.” Think keyword to headline to landing page. Walk through it as if you were your 5Linx site visitor.

10. Knuckle down. Messaging is everything with your online strategy. And content. And testing. And numbers. Keep at it until you can get it done with your eyes closed.

Follow through, bet the farm on it and enjoy the price of success. : )