How To Trade Your Used Car For Cash

The best way to Trade Your Used Car For Cash

Have you ever wondered how you are able to sell your used car – for cash – without all the hassle? Study this short article to learn all the ins and outs of trading your used car for cold hard cash.

There are several various options when it comes to selling your car. You can sell it to a private party using the newspaper classifieds or an online site. You could trade your car into a car dealership. Or you can trade your used car for cash to a company that solely deals in buying used cars. Here’s a quick rundown of each option:

Selling to a Private Party

This really is most likely the very first choice you thought of simply because it appears to be the cheapest. Just post up an ad on Craigslist or some other online car site, and the offers will come rolling in, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, when you try this option, you’re going to get a lot of “tire kickers.” They are the people that schedule an appointment with you to come see the car, take a look at it, and then you never see them again. They are not serious about purchasing a car, but they are serious about wasting your time. Seriously, don’t you have better things to do with your weekends than wait about for these so-called “buyers.”

In the event you do find a private purchaser to buy your car, then comes the sketchy part of payment. Are they going to pay you with a private check, with cash? You can do it through a bank, but then you have to wait for the check to clear. In our opinion, this really is not the method to go when selling your used car, especially if you would like cash immediately.

Selling to a Car Dealership

This is the second most thought of option when it comes to selling your used car. Just bring your car in to your local dealership and they will give a great deal on a trade-in, right? Incorrect. Most car dealerships will only purchase your car on the condition that you’re buying a car from them. They give you what appears like a lot of money for your car, but in the meantime they raise the price on the car you are going to purchase. So ultimately you are not getting an excellent deal at all. The only ones who win within this situation would be the car dealers.

Selling to a Cash for Cars Company

A cash for cars company specializes in exactly what it sounds like: trading cars for cash. You can bring in your luxury, import, or domestic car and they’ll pay you for it in cash. It is that easy! No checks to clear, no hmm’ing and hawing over pricing: just a plain and simple trade – cars for cash. That’s it! Most cash for cars companies will even buy your car if it is still under a lease.

These are the three primary options of how to sell your used car – now it is up to you to make the right decision of what to do with your car.