Include HR in your Business Strategy

People Management recently published an article showing that less than one percent of directors in the UK’s 50 largest listed firms had a background in people management.

How does a business compile a successful strategy without the input of one of the most pivotal departments in the business and perhaps more importantly, why would they want to?

Is it fear or ignorance? Do other department directors worry that they will be ambushed by someone wielding a big black book on employment law?

Do other areas in the business understand the depth of human resources and the insight that good HR managers have into business and its future?

Perhaps HR managers are not being vocal enough, they need to show other areas of the business that they can make a difference.

A good HR manager will comprehend each area of the business, they will have spent time understanding how each department works and how they interact with each other. They need to know the dynamics of the teams to ensure that these employees stay engaged with their role and by the business itself.

A business strategy should not just be about business, it has to be about what makes up the business and this includes the people. Good employees need to be recruited, trained, engaged and retained. This is not always about money and big salaries but about making them feel part of the business.

Employee engagement should be a major part of any business strategy and your HR team can help you focus on this area. Interaction with your employees can be enlightening; the exchange of ideas could yield a new product or business proposal.

If your organisation is looking to increase the number of employees then you also need an HR team to help you through the recruitment minefield. Recruitment does not have to be difficult and with your HR team on board you can ensure you get the right staff first time.

Training is a major part of a business strategy, again your HR managers are there to help you provide your teams with the best training available. This all links in with employee engagement and just as important employee retention. No business wants to spend bucket loads of money training employees for them to leave 6 months later.

Including HR directors in your board should enhance your business strategy and if you have a sound business strategy in place the chances are productivity and therefore profit will increase and that makes everyone happy.

It is worth investing time not just money in your team, so why not start thinking about your HR Strategy.