India Lighting Industry Vs China Light Fittings Luminaries Industry

India light fitting industry is facing the burnt from China. China manufacturing sector is growing a lot as they spend a lot of money in research and development and develop the product in very reasonable cost. The cost of Chinese products is much lesser than India and the cost of Indian lighting products is far lesser than America or any other nation. Thus the best two countries thus left in competition are India and China for light fittings and Lighting solutions industry.
1.Lighting solutions and light fitting manufacturers in India are highly skilled and they produce really high quality products
2.The replacements that come in Chinese products are more than the replacements that come in Indian manufacturing products
3.China products are developed in high research and development machinery thus they cost high but as the government in china is really supportive thus they save on taxes and they earn through bulk orders and turnover sales.
4.Companies like General Electric and Philips are the tycoons for innovations and all innovation go through them. These companies have heavily invested in the Indian and Chinese markets
David C Philips, managing director, Philips – He said, thanks to China and India, the global construction equipment industry has recovered to project sales revenues of $82 billion in 2011 as against $77 billion in 2010 and $55 billion in 2009 after peaking at $100 billion in 2007. As of 2012 Philips is the largest manufacturer of lighting in the world.
Thus a huge competition is among these two countries. People from India are going to china and they get the imports done for the raw materials or the finished products and sell them in India now but this can be done till the time the import duty is not set high . If government will increase the import duty then it will be good for Indian manufacturers as Chinese products will come less in our country and more of Indian manufacturing products can be sold here and developed here.
The laws for the labor are strict in china but the laws for labor are very liberal in INDIA. Indian Government is somehow not supporting the manufacturing sector; otherwise India can grow 4 times of China in lighting sector. It is a need of an hour for the government to understand that they are doing no good for the country.

The economies of large scale enterprise or small scale enterprise both are very fragile at this moment. The mismanagement of economies weakening rupee, rising petrol all are visible factor for growing mismanagement of the Indian economy.
Thus major lighting industry focusing on domestic luminaries, street light fittings manufacturing, etc should be given encouragement by making stringent labor laws and lesser taxes should be levied such that products can be made at low cost.