Infotainment and Telematics Solutions for Tech Savvy Car Lovers

Today technology has become so ingrained in the world that people can connect with anyone and access anything in a matter of seconds. Be it accessing / sharing information or communicating with anyone at any place at any time, technology has made our lives a lot better. Thus, technology has empowered people to perform activities that were unimaginable in earlier times.

Thanks to technological advancements, -staying connected’ is the new mantra of today’s generation. Whatever they do or wherever they go, people ensure that they stay connected with the virtual world. However, the only place where they find themselves disconnected is in an automobile. Hence, the automotive makers have decided to use connected technologies in automobiles as a way to provide value added services to customers. This has helped customers to not only stay connected, but also address their important safety /security concerns.

Today the automobile industry is among the fastest growing markets for infotainment, telematics and connected devices. Leveraging connectivity within vehicles, Read more on – infotainment and telematics solutions are capable of generating continuous revenues thereby offering business opportunities to relevant industry players.

A leading integrated engineering solutions provider developed a connected vehicle concept to enhance user experience through a complete entertainment and enterprise solutions package that will keep the user constantly connected to the office and home environment. The solution includes entertainment, navigation, vehicle diagnostics, emergency services, safety & security capabilities among others. Their strategic initiative called NMACS (Network Mobility Analytics Cloud Security) aims to transform the consumer and business landscape in the future.

The key differentiators are:

* Solutions that cater to different market segments namely Low, Mid and High end.

* Provide the entire gamut of value-added services over the network.

* Built at a minimal cost thereby making it ideal for low-end cars and emerging markets.

* Scalable for easy customization based on customer requirements bringing down time to market and development costs for customers.

* Robust roadmap with plans to integrate speech recognition, text-to-speech technology, gesture recognition, health monitoring, driving pattern tracking, driver assistance apps, compliance to driver distraction guidelines and many more within the system

* End-to-end solution through a service delivery platform integrated with an advanced infotainment and telematics system.

As per a recent research, the global connected car market will be worth 39 billion in 2018 up from 13 billion in 2012. This definitely emphasizes the fact that the demands of tech savvy customers for advanced sophisticated gadgetry in vehicles would continue to increase in the coming years.