Installation Guide Of Eonon Gm5163 Car Dvd

I finally completed the upgrade (more like transformation) from the D5115Z to the Eonon GM5163 Car DVD. From what I can tell, pretty much everything is as good or better than the D5115Z.

First and foremost — installation. This Car GPS Installation is a breeze, and takes maybe 30 minutes if you have all of the tools handy, are familiar with the process, and have a beer in your hand.

What You’ll Need:
10mm wrench (or socket + ratchet)
Phillips screwdriver
Plastic trim removal tool (or a regular flat screwdriver wrapped in a towel).

Installation Steps:
-Disconnect the battery using the 10mm socket/wrench. I typically like to remove the negative cable, because if I touch the wrench to anything (like the frame, firewall, etc), I don’t have to worry about shocking myself because the negative terminal is already grounded to the chassis anyway.

-Using the plastic trim removal tool (or a regular flat screwdriver wrapped in a shop towel or something else soft), slide the tool in the gap between the radio and center A/C vents/clock buttons/hazard lights button. Pry up, popping the vent assembly out of its clips (it pops up and out, toward you). Flip this up out of the way. Be careful not to scratch your vent or OEM radio if you are using a screwdriver (that’s why I recommend the towel).

-Using the Phillips screwdriver, remove the 2 screws that kind of face up and out towards you (pretty obvious — there are only 2 screws visible).

-Pull the OEM head unit out. The tabs that the screws screw through bend easily, so I do NOT recommend pulling there. I typically pull on the back of the radio face (I can slip 1 finger straight down behind the face pretty easily, far enough to get a grip on the radio, just inside the tabs I just mentioned). Sorry if that’s hard to understand. You’ll figure it out.

-DO NOT JUST RIP OUT THE RADIO FULL FORCE. THERE ARE CABLES YOU MUST UNPLUG BEFORE YOU GET THE RADIO TOO FAR OUT. You’ll have maybe 6″ of play before you need to unplug. I typically flip the headunit up and back (basically where those vents were). Pretty easy. You’ll figure it out, I’m sure.
Remove the 2 screws in the top of the new radio (your Eonon GM5163 Car DVD player) — the ones with the red mylar ribbons attached to them. These screws will prevent discs from going into the DVD/CD slot if you do not remove them, so TAKE THEM OUT!!!

-Plug in the couple wire bundles, GPS antenna (if you opted for that), etc. into the back of the headunit. It’s pretty obvious where everything plugs. The red CANBUS box will plug into the GM5163’s wiring harness. Don’t forget that — it’s important.

-Plug the big wiring harness fom the car into the reddish-brown female plug of the Eonon unit, and the small square-ish plug into the Eonon hardness, too. Gently ease the unit back until it sits flush with the dash, tucking wires away as you go. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO SMASH THE RADIO INTO THE DASH TO GET IT TO FIT!! If it’s not fitting in pretty easily, pull it back out and try tucking the wires better. Make sure everything stays plugged in. Don’t forget you pre-wire the iPod cable if you want to use it.

-Once the headunit is sitting flush, screw back in the 2 screws that hold the unit into the dash, pop the vent assembly back into place, and reconnect the battery.
AUTOMATIC UP/DOWN FUNCTION FOR THE DRIVER’S WINDOW WILL HAVE BEEN DISABLED AFTER YOU HAVE UNPLUGGED THE BATTERY FOR THIS LONG. To reactivate it, roll the window all the way down, holding the button down for an additional 5 seconds, then roll the window back up, holding the button up for an additional 5 seconds. You’ll hear a small actuator “click” sound, and you’re auto-up/down window will work fine again.

-EXTRA NOTE: It’s time to start setting up your radio stations! You can set the tuning frequency for the country you’re in. For example, the US FM stations operate on a 0.2-MHz interval (97.1, 97.3, 97.5, etc). I think the EU operates on a 0.05-MHz interval (97.10, 97.15, 97.20, 97.25, etc). You’ll want to set your country setting PRIOR to setting your stations, as it will reset all of your stations after you change that setting. To set this, hit the Home button (to the left of the CD/DVD slot), go to the 3rd page (swipe over), and the last option will be Settings. Click this, and it’ll be in there. Tinker around for 15 seconds and you’ll find it — I just can’t remember exactly where it is.

-Enjoy your new car DVD GPS!