Iphone Redefine The Mobile Phone Industry

Technology has advanced so far in such a short space of time. The ground breaking touch screen interface of the iPhone really raised the bar in phone design. The ultra sleek look of the phone redefined what was considered beautiful in phone design. We could go on for some time listing the ways in which the iPhone has redefined the mobile phone market? but to sum up in short: everything has changed.

As impressive as all the technological achievements have been regarding the iPhone, they would not be sufficient to make it the most influential phone of all time. We have, after all, seen massive technological advances previously. One does not have to think very far back to a time when Blackberry was dominating the high technology end of the market. What really makes the iPhone stand out is the way in which it has changed the way people think about their phones.

Long gone are the days of a mobile phone merely allowing you to make and receive phone calls. Today mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives; with our email, daily planners, address books and even internet access now ever present in our pockets. Whilst the technology for much of these functions has been around for some time, it was never bought into by the general public. It was the iPhone that served up these facilities in such a way that the buying public finally accepted them. It is all very well having an electronic diary in your pocket, but if you don”t feel the need to use it then it is a pointless piece of technology.

The iPhone was able to unite all these different features successfully. This is partly due to the phones operating system, which successfully linked together these applications, and partly due to a strong global marketing campaign.

The operating software for the iPhone is a dramatic departure from standard mobile phone menu system. It operates as a flexible platform onto which limitless applications can be added. This application system has revolutionised the way that mobile phones are made. But this alone was not enough, what was required was the marketing hype to change the mobile phone buyers perception about their devices.

The iPhone was the perfect combination of marketing and product development. For once in the mobile phone market the product genuinely lived up to the hype. In the iPhone, Apple had successfully built a mobile phone capable of justifying its own hype. And the hype was huge.

It was the double barrelled blast of a revolutionary software platform and a marketing campaign like nothing the industry has ever seen before that secured the iPhone as being the most influential mobile phone in the history of the telecommunications industry. It has spawned several imitations, which have swamped the mobile phone market in recent months. But even in the face of this competition, the iPhone stands out as being the bar against which all other mobile phones are measured. And so far nothing has measured up.