Is Dna In A Jar For Cosmetics

Somewhere, a woman is ecstatically shelling out $125 for what she believes is the product of her dreams, a 1 oz jar for cosmetics full of what claims to be a personal care product that can heal anything, even damaged DNA. Read the five reasons why you should pass on this trend.

Scary fact # 5 – People actually believe these claims. Can a jar for cosmetics hold a product capable of altering your genetic code? This first point is simple, practice critical thinking. People suffer with abnormalities brought on through genetics that can’t be cured, yet a super-duper face cream won’t only tone your skin, but alter your DNA, in essence reprogram your body to only promote firm skin. Does that make sense to you? Didn’t think so.

Scary fact # 4 -Last time I checked, DNA is more than skin deep. This isn’t like putting a band-aid on a boo-boo. We’re talking about DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, the genetic code that not only determined your eye color, but also your ability to roll your “Rs” when singing “arriba, arriba” every Saturday night. This material isn’t covered in cosmetology school; it might even take Mensa a few meetings to get through. Effective use of DNA based stem cells in products could happen, one day. As of now, development and continued research remains.

Scary fact # 3 – Beauty or health? We all know it’s important to care for and pamper your skin. The idea of having a jar for cosmetics filled with a DNA miracle serum at your fingertips seems magical. Yet, imagine the joy that would surround the discovery of a cure for cancer. Let’s get our priorities straight. I’d much rather see lives saved from the use of stem cells than purchase a lotion that can alter my DNA.

Scary fact # 2 – The controversy lingers… Stem cells are a touchy topic. People haven’t quite made their minds up as to whether they support of oppose the use of these cells for research and further development of a variety of projects, spanning everything from the medical to the beauty industry. If controversy over the basis of the product is still in the papers, it’s probably not on store shelves just yet.

Scary fact # 1 – Aging can be beautiful. It’s our nature to grow older. Skin ages along with the individual, through every passing year. It’s a normal and indiscriminate process, it happens to everyone. Though some hide it or adopt a skin treatment routine earlier than others, we experience the same blanket process. Choose to care for yourself over altering yourself and you won’t ever need a DNA-repairing product.

A jar for cosmetics was built to contain just that, cosmetics, and we’ve got the supplies for your journey. Regardless of the product’s benefits, better hydrated or DNA altered skin, remember that appearance isn’t everything. Live life to the fullest, laugh lines and all.