Isavela – High Quality Compression Garments, Girdles, Bras & Sleeves

Isavela Florida is a High Quality manufacturer of Post-Surgical Compression Garments for wholesalers, Plastic Surgeons, selective distributors, retailers and a small portion of the general public.

Isavela manufacture quality garments that are breathable, anti-microbial and latex free for the purpose of body contouring, post surgical use, weight control and to smooth out the bumps and lumps. They are specialized in manufacturing Compression Garments, Sales and Marketing.

Isavela Inc. was launched in early 2007 to meet the demands of -High Quality- and -Low Cost Compression Garments-. Isavela is located in Mission, Texas. There are several satellite offices for distribution purposes throughout the US, the main one being in Florida.

Isavela Company Policy includes the following:

1.Integrity – Isavela do not keep credit card or bank account information on their website or anywhere else. Their prices are the lowest possible, and customers will get manufacturing prices, there is no middleman. 2.Accountability – Isavela realize they may run into some problems on late shipments, wrong sizes, not satisfied etc. However, they pledge that if they are accountable they will make it right. 3.Quality – Isavela always strives to be the best in the market in buying quality materials that is comfortable to wear. Your patients will feel the difference, because they manufacture garments that have Naturexx, Anti-Microbial and are Latex Free. The manufacturing process optimizes the compression to have comfortable circulation and enhance the healing process. 4.Punctuality – As a business owner they know how it is to have your shipments on time. This is why they have a distribution point in S. Florida to get your compression garments as quick as possible. 5.Flexibility – Isavela realize that you may change your mind on an order, or have it sooner or later. You may want to change the design on a garment that you feel will be more comfortable. Isavela are open to this and have done this for our customers. In fact they have improved some of our garments because of this policy. 6.Ingenuity – Isavela listen to their customers to improve all the functionalities of the company, whether it is to improve the design or looks of the garments. Don’t forget you are dealing directly with the manufacturer. They are always staying abreast of the science behind compression garments by attending seminars throughout the world and the feedback they get from their Surgeons. 7.-Do the right thing- – At Isavela we always -Do the Right Thing-

Shipping Isavela expedite the shipments by having a Distribution Center in S. Florida. Virtually without exception, orders ship within 12 hours from the time they are ordered. Order updates and tracking Notifications are emailed to you whenever there is a status update. UPS or Fed Ex Ground (5-7 days) is always economical, regardless of order size.