Keep your Kids Busy in the Car Using 4G Internet

If you have teenage kids you know that they can get moody and bored easily, especially in car rides. With 4G internet on their cell phone they will have something to entertain them with on car rides, so you do not have to hear any more complaining or fighting.

Using WiMax technology, your kids’ cell phones can have 4G internet, which provides them with a constant and clear internet connection. As long as your city is covered, your phones and laptops will have an internet connection no matter where you go. Your cell phone will automatically pick up the connection. Your computer just needs your mobile air card, which you can easily plug in. Imagine how great this will be for your moody teenagers and car rides.

If your car rides with the family involve your kids fighting, complaining, or being moody, you probably do not look forward to going anywhere. They do not like to read, they are too cool to have a conversation with their parents, and they get impatient asking when you are going to arrive. With 4G internet on their cell phone, the car rides will fly by and you will not hear a bit of complaining or attitude from the back seats.

With a constant internet connection, there is so much to take advantage of. Whether it is on a cell phone or a laptop, there is a lot to do. Your kids can communicate with their friends, either through e-mail or through social websites such as Facebook and Twitter. They can play games either by themselves or against people from across the world. They can download and listen to their favorite songs, or download and watch movies. With headphones they do not have to worry about disrupting the rest of the car. They can do research and read articles on their various interests, and look at pictures.

Besides just having fun, they can also be productive. They can take advantage of their constant internet connection to do school work. With a laptop they can write papers and do the research that they need to, right from the car. They can search the web and type away. If they have questions, they can e-mail their teachers or classmates. This way they can have fun once they get out of the car and not worry about schoolwork getting in the way. Since you are in the car with them you can get involved by helping and supporting them with their work. Whichever parent or sibling is not driving can help them research, word their sentences, and can even read over the paper to correct any errors.

The possibilities are endless. You can take advantage of this technology anywhere, not just in the car. Imagine being connected in the park, in a restaurant, or at the doctor’s office. Your kids will always be entertained and will also be able to get work done from anywhere. No more excuses about not having time to do their homework!

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