Kryptos Management services

Kryptos is a leading Remote Infrastructure Management Services provider which has its headquarters in Chennai and services to a global crowd. Kryptos services are designed to deliver value to enterprise IT operations today and for the years to come, and are offered in modular fashion so that you can pick the ones that truly address customer needs. The service offered by Kryptos comprises of 3 distinct classifications. 1.Monitoring services 2.Managed services 3.Professional or implementation services IT Managed Services: Under Managed Services there are 11 state of the art offering. ?Server Management: Kryptos Server Management is designed to address enterprise server platform needs from the design, deployment, optimization and migration. Kryptos services ensure better utilization, increased performance and improved system availability. ?Web Management: Kryptos comprehensive Web Operations (Web-Ops) services support web-enabled application infrastructure with best practices using ITIL based framework. ?Database Management: Kryptos database services provide for secure, optimal management and increased database productivity. The services range from database design and enhancement to installation / upgrades, backup / restoration and performance and capacity management. ?Network Management: Kryptos expertise lays in managing large, complex and widespread network infrastructure across time zones, and across customer segments. Kryptos have designed their network management services to provide round-the-clock, reliable and optimally performing networks. By monitoring and managing network installations, Kryptos helps it client in improving network availability, optimize network performance and proactively manage operational issues to ensure smooth, uninterrupted functioning of your network, 24/7. Client gets the advantage of a fully managed network solution without the capital expenditures and resource. ?Communication Management: Kryptos Communication Management helps standardize processes and the 24×7 management of communication services help ensure maximum uptime for critical voice and business applications, reducing network outages hence lowering MTTR significantly. ?Backup and storage Management: Kryptos provides comprehensive remote storage management and managed backup services. Kryptos data storage solutions and backup services will help extract the best out of your data storage infrastructure by aligning capacities and performance demands with important business continuity parameters like availability and compliance in a cost-effective manner. ?Application Management: Our Application Management Services (AMS) caters to small and medium enterprises that require maintenance of existing home grown applications and require new Applications to be built. Through a set of Engagement, Knowledge Transition and Support Processes, Kryptos AMS brings Applications and Environments to a managed state and improves availability, security and extensibility (technology migrations). KAMS manages end to end life cycle of Applications either by transitioning and maintaining steady state of operations or by building Applications first and maintaining them for respective life cycles. ?End user commute: Kryptos End-user Services is designed to improve your end-user productivity and provide streamlined services to end-users with operations across locations. Kryptos facilitates centralized support with a standardize process for your end-user environment. ?Desktop Management Service: Kryptos Desktop Management Service is designed to standardize your end-user environment and optimize your IT resource utilization. The delivery process is tailored to address the needs of varied customer segments. ?Managed security: Kryptos provides comprehensive Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services to help identify and correct network vulnerabilities and system security issues. To know more about Kryptos and Management services please visit or email them at . About Author /Description: Kryptos Group is a Prominent IT services company which serves its customers with ever reliable and impeccable Remote Infrastructure Management along with the on demand IT services. Kryptos services are game changing solutions that have long term impact on the customer business by helping you strategize, design, implement and manage solutions and technologies with flexible support windows. Kryptos services are as follows. Envisioning the technology consumption and Infra cost involved in using – Managing – Monitoring these technologies, KRYPTOS Group has been successful in helping Enterprises tackle this problem with its comprehensive range of services which starts from simple and efficient Remote Infrastructure Monitoring and Management services to a pay-per-use software in collaboration with Microsoft, VM ware and many leading Technology Service providers.