Labelling Kids Clothes And Sew On Clothing Labels

Today there are numerous methods of labelling childrens clothing. Iron on labels, stick on labels and laundry marker pens have all been designed to make life a lot easier for busy parents. Unfortunately, these methods of labelling school uniforms can be unreliable and will not bear the test of time. Traditional labelling solutions like woven sew on clothing labels seem to have gone out of fashion in the modern world. Though, many revert back to this time honoured way as it is the only definite way to making sure that your childrens clothes and uniform is returned to its rightful owner.

To combat the issue of lost property in schools, labelling your childs belongings is sometimes part of the school rules. Unfortunately, many parents still use methods such as laundry marker pens to label school uniforms. Over time, the writing fades or becomes unreadable and the owner of the item of clothing can no longer be determined. If a little more time and effort was taken from the outset, property would never become lost as if something is unmistakably labelled it will always be returned to its owner. Some kinds of iron on name tags are in the same way useless. After the item of clothing has been through the wash a few times the bonding agent will lose its strength and the labels start to peel off. A week or two later, you can guarantee the label will have disappeared, which poses the question, why bother in the first place?

School uniforms and PE kits can be extremely expensive, making it a financial strain for some families when items get mislaid or even stolen. Costs that mount up throughout the school year can be very surprising. Replacement gyms socks, new shirts, ties and scarves can add up to lots of money that could have been much better spent elsewhere! The use of woven sew on clothing labels will ensure your childs belongings are always returned to them, saving you money in the long term.

It is unrealistic to attempt to take care of this issue at source. It doesnt matter how much respect for their property you try and instil, kids will be kids. When they are having too much fun to care, items are easily lost and discarded. Making it even more essential to use sew on clothing labels on clothes worn for after school activities, football kits, guide and scout uniforms. On a more serious note, just like grown ups, kids suffer from stressful days and have lots on their minds. We can all be a tad neglectful when tired too; many teenagers suffer from periods of acute fatigue. So dont be too hard on them! Sew on clothing labels will ensure your son or daughter will find their item after a quick trip to the lost and found.

It is true for many tasks we undertake; the traditional, old fashioned methods always work best. Many of us can recollect our mothers sitting and sewing name tags on clothing for hours. It was part of the back to school or new term ritual. Though using woven sew on clothing labels to label your childs property may seem to be far too time consuming. It is worth the effort. The sew on clothing labels will remain in tact no matter how many times an item is worn or goes through the wash.