Learn More About Performance Advertising

Performance advertising offered by performance ad network can make use of display advertising to cater to a customer’s need. There are different kinds of performance advertising available for you. You may opt to make use of display advertising for your products or services.

Advertising these days has already taken many forms, shapes and sizes. Traditional advertising appear on TV, radio and in print such as newspapers and magazines. Giant billboards on busy streets also serve as advertising space for products and services. And with the popularity of the World Wide Web also comes internet marketing.

Internet marketing

Advertising over the internet has become very popular as more and more people all over the world are connected to the web. Advertisers find that this is a less expensive way of marketing to their customers. It also allows companies to reach more of their target audience. Customers also find it convenient to shop from home over the internet.

Performance advertising

Internet marketing results can be measured easily. This is where performance advertising comes in. In performance advertising, the advertisers only pay for the results that were measured as opposed to traditional advertising where the customer will pay for the full services.

There are different methods of performance advertising. These are cost per impression, cost per click, cost per lead, and cost per action. For these kinds of advertising, you only pay for certain actions specified for the form of advertising you have chosen.

In cost per impression, the number of times an advertisement is viewed is measured. That’s what the advertiser will pay for. In cost per click, the advertiser pays when a customer clicks on the ad.

In cost per lead, only when an advertiser gets an interested lead like a contact information from a potential customer, then the advertiser will pay. Cost per action will have the desired result of actually selling a product or service at that moment.

Display Advertising

Performance advertising makes use of display advertising to catch the viewer’s attention and eventually buy the product or service being featured on the ad.

This can come in different forms. Many advertisers use web banners. There are also posters and fliers available as forms of advertising online. Others prefer transit cards, tents, scale models and other forms of display advertising.

They can be a simple picture or even animated images. You may hear some audio, watch videos and other form of media that lets the viewer interact with the ad. Advertisers can be as creative as they can in these ads.

Display advertising can be used to create a brand name for certain products and services. Ads can contain the brand name, a logo, slogan or anything that can be associated with the product.

Display advertising uses many ways to target the right audience for banner ads. They can base it on demography, geography, site or they may even use behavioral retargeting.