Let Your Clothes Speak Up For You

The last interview for your dream job is set for tomorrow. Youve reviewed all possible questions and you feel prepared. The last preparation is your clothes. You check your clothes. What should you wear for this last interview? Aside from asking interview questions, they will be looking at you the whole time. You need to present the best image possible. You have to be sure that what they see is totally acceptable to them. Once you enter the room, you cant leave and change clothes anymore. The key to interview clothes is professionalism. Wear the clothes well and show that you are the person for the job.

Do your research well. Study the corporate culture. If the company has a dress code, follow it. Otherwise, learn the dress habits of the employees and see the styles that are acceptable to the company. Your knowledge of the corporate environment and common sense will help you choose the right clothes for the interview. Be neat, tidy and maintain a low profile. A conservative approach is more often acceptable than a flashy appearance. The clothes should reflect the job position you are applying for and the company culture. You should be at ease and portray a professional look. You want to give the message to the interviewer that you understand the company culture and you have dressed appropriately. Check if people carry leather briefcases to work.

Clothes play a big role in first impressions. The interviewer sees you first before he starts asking any questions. His first look at you will have a telling effect as the interview progresses. Dress chic. Using branded clothes and expensive jewelry will not help you get the job. In fact, it may be detrimental as the interviewer might think you are rich and dont need the job. Be aware of the current style. You dont want to appear unknowledgeable on the current styles but at the same moment, you dont want to use flashy clothes. Be trendy. Understand the company culture, the profession, and the job position that you are applying for. Lay out your clothes and be sure they have been cleaned and iron-pressed.

In addition to clothes, give some consideration to the shoes, tie, and other accoutrements, like bracelets, necklaces and rings. Accessories give a degree of smartness and class to the wearer. Dont overdo it. A watch is normally a necessity. Refrain from expensive branded watches and gold cufflinks and tie tack. They exude richness and might infer you dont need a job badly. If those are the only accessories you have, use them but dont flaunt it. Leather shoes should be shined and buffed. Scruffy shoes do not go well with a trim and neat suit. Be sure to clean your fingernails. Your meticulousness on tidiness and cleanliness will not go unnoticed by the interviewer. It suggests you have given importance to the interview and ensured that all physical aspects have been addressed satisfactorily.

Clothes play a part in getting the job. Be aware of your clothes and physical appearance. People will judge you first on what they see and how you carry yourself. They will take note of your selection of clothes and how it fits into the corporate culture and job position.

Try to get to the interview ahead of schedule and use the last few minutes to spruce up in the washroom. In the rush and hectic trip to the interview, your hair might be disheveled and your clothes ruffled. Comb your hair and straighten your clothes. Be sure the buttons on your clothes are complete. Remove any gum you might have been chewing. It keeps the breath fresh but it doesnt look nice to keep chewing while answering the interview questions. Brush off any dirt from the shoulders and straighten your tie. Dont use too much lotion or cologne. A strong smell can be overpowering and might offend the interviewer. Keep focused on the company values, its environment and the requirements for the job position.

In case of a tie between applicants, clothes and a well groomed appearance might just make the difference.