Maintaining Your Car Paint Job!

Many people often choose their vehicle based on how it looked while on the showroom floor. It was the car paint job that caught their eyewith no concern as to how to maintain the newness or beauty of it. They envision how they will feel and look while riding in their new car or truck. Unfortunately, after several months of being splashed with mud, covered in grime and pollution, covered in acid rain and bird droppings, a car paint job will lose its sparkle and newness. Unless you know how to take care of it correctly!

Before choosing a color for your car (whether purchasing a brand-new vehicle or refinishing an older car), consider what it will take to maintain the quality of the color so that the car paint job will look like brand new even after years of use.

Here are a few tips:

*If your car is metallic or pearl, make sure that it has been applied with premium quality paint. These paints are not easy to match in case of damage. However, if it is a high-quality paint from a reputable manufacturer, you should be able to find a precise match to the factory color.
*Don’t buy a black car if you know that you can’t wash your car as regularly. When compared to easy-to-clean white, champagne or silver, black-colored cars are harder to maintain.
*If possible, park your vehicle in a garage or sheltered area, avoiding power lines (a favorite place for birds) and trees (they drip sap). If you do have to park your car on the street, remember to wax it frequently to preserve the luster of the car paint job.
*Unless your car is filthy with grime and other pollutants, try not to use detergent to wash your car, but use fresh water as much as possible. Also, don’t drive your car while it is still wet, but use a soft cloth (such as a chamois cloth) to dry it off first.
*Remove bird droppings, squashed bugs, or sap immediately. The longer it stays on, the harder it is to get it off, compromising your car paint job.
*If you park in a proper garage, a wax job twice a year is sufficient. Use a high-quality carnauba wax, which helps preserve the quality of your car paint job. Although it is more difficult to apply, it will last longer in between waxes.

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