Make Your Car Interior Look New Again Using An Aerosol

Remember when you bought the car that you are driving today. If it was a new car, the outside shined and sparkled like a new diamond ring. Every time you opened the door, that new car smell swirls around your nose. You could see your reflection in the chrome (or chrome plated plastic) and glass from the dashboard and instrument panel. The carpet and seat cushions were clean and spotless. There were no scuff marks on the inside door panels, or on any of the upholstery. You were so proud and protective, that you no one was allowed to drink or eat anything inside your car. You would park, what seemed like miles away from the front of the stores, to avoid possible damage to the outside of your car from other cars or stray shopping carts.

Even if it was not a new car, it was probably cleaned and polished to make it look like it was new. So you still are able to experience that feeling of owning a new car. But a few years have gone by since you bought your car. Now hopefully you have been lucky enough that the outside of the car doesnt look like it has been in a shopping cart demolition derby. But even being extremely protective of your cars interior, just normal wear and tear, will still take a toll on your carpets, seats and other interior parts. The carpets may be worn or stained with the dirt and grime that we all transport with our shoes on a daily basis. The fabric on the seats are stained from food and drinks, that were once not allowed in your new car. The door panels and seats have scuff marks from the heels of shoes. But, it has been a great car and is still a great car, it just doesnt look as great as it once did.

You can make your cars interior look like new again, using a Vinyl and Carpet Dye that comes packaged in an Aerosol Spray Can. You can restore the original color of your cars carpet, on some occasions, it is even possible to change from the original color. (You may be able to go from a light color to a darker color, but never the opposite.) The Vinyl and Carpet Dye can be used on the seat fabrics, headliners, plastic and leather interior parts. Whether you are an experienced auto detailer, car enthusiast, or someone who wants to restore their cars interior themselves, Vinyl and Carpet Dye Sprays will help you achieve your desired results. Several considerations must be addressed in your achieving your desired results. Do you want the color of the Vinyl and Carpet Dye Sprays to match the color exactly or are you just trying to clean them up and make them all uniform in color? Why is this important? If you just want to clean up your cars carpets and make them look more uniform in color, you can go online to Vinyl and Carpet Dye manufacturers websites and choose a color off of their stock color chart that you think matches your carpet color. Stock colors usually do not have a color matching lab fee like most custom matched colors do.

Clean your carpets of any dirt and grime. Make sure that carpets are completely dry before using the Vinyl and Carpet Dye Sprays on them. First it is advisable to remove a small piece of carpet from an unexposed area of the car and spray it to see what it will look like, before you begin spraying the exposed areas. If you have chosen a good close color match, and the color is acceptable, you can use it on the rest of the carpets. Before spraying, unless you have removed the seats and taken the carpets out of the car completely, you must protect the areas of your interiors that are not to be dyed or painted. This is accomplished by taping off the areas using a good quality tape and with paper such as newspaper. Leave only the areas to be sprayed exposed. The taped off areas will be protected from the overspray of the Vinyl and Carpet Dye Sprays. Before using the product, you must have proper ventilation when using an aerosol product containing paint or dyes. It is advisable to always spray the all of the carpets and that you dont try to spot spray. Spraying all of the carpeted areas, will help to promote uniformity in the carpets color. After following the Vinyl and Carpet Dye Spray instructions on proper application techniques and if you chose a good color match, your carpets should look like new. Even if it is not the exact color of the original color, it looks good.

However, if you do want an exact color match as the original color of your cars carpets, this to can be achieved. It is just a little more time consuming and costly. You would need to send a sample piece of your carpet from an unexposed area of your car, to a Vinyl and Carpet Dye Spray manufacturer. There usually a color match lab fee for a custom matched color, normally around $50 a color. You should still test the custom matched Vinyl and Carpet Dye spray in an unexposed area of your car to check the color match.

The same considerations should be taken when using the Vinyl and Carpet Dyes on the other parts of the cars interior that needs to be restored. This is not a new product, it has been around for years and is used in many detailing shops, car dealerships and restoration companies.

Always follow the Vinyl and Carpet Dye instructions on proper use, ventilation requirements and other safety warnings.