Malaga Airport Car Hire An Idiots Guide To Car Hire At Malaga Airport

If you are one of the many millions of Brits expected to fly out on holiday to the Costa del Sol this year, there is a good chance youll be jetting into Malaga Airport. As Spains 4th busiest airport, Malaga Pablo Picasso Airport sees approximately 13 million passengers through its gates each year, which results in the 2 terminals (soon to be 3) getting a little chaotic especially around peak season. With this in mind, it pays dividends to know in advance exactly where everything is. So once the luggage has been collected, the main priority for most people is getting out of the airport and to accommodation as quickly as possible so the fun can start. This more often means finding the right car hire at Malaga Airport.

Whether due to impatient kids, size-able baggage or the unfamiliar temperatures, trying to grapple with confusing airport signage and wade through golfers, foreign students, hen parties, as well as regular holiday-makers, can prove a trying way to start a holiday, unless forearmed with the right knowledge. Our Idiots Guide can ensure you move like a heat seeking missile through the swathes of people, reach your target desk and be out of there before youve even had a chance to break a sweat.

There are currently 23 Malaga Airport car hire firms in total but only 10 of these are based directly inside the Terminal 2 building itself. These are Auriga Crown, Autos Lido, Avis, Europcar, Goldcar, Hertz, National Atesa, Record, Sixt and Solmar. Access to these offices is just through the doors after baggage reclaim but before going through the final doors to the Malaga Airport Arrivals hall. On the right hand side is a ramp that takes you downstairs to where all the offices are.

When you collect your keys, the staff member behind the desk will inform you which level of the car park your vehicle is situated on and the number of the bay. This will either be on your key fob or will be written down for you. From there you go to the opposite end of the hall to the entrance ramp, which takes you through to Level -1 of the car park. At the moment, the cars are spaced out over three levels: Ground Floor, Level -1 and Level -2. Most pick-up cars are parked between two floors with Auriga Crown, Europcar, National Atesa, Record, Solmar and Sixt on the Ground Floor and Autos Lido, Avis, Goldcar, Hertz, and both National Atesa and Record represented again on Level -1.

To return a vehicle, there is a special entrance for rental cars which is just past the regular P1 and P2 parking entrance bays. There is no ticket to collect when entering and passengers do not have to return the keys to the original terminal-based office as there is a corresponding office for each company on one of the three floors. Sixt is the only one that has 2 offices and these are on the ground floor and Level -2. Autos Lido, Avis, Goldcar, Hertz and Record all have their offices on Level -1, while Auriga Crown, Europcar, National Atesa, Sixt and Solmars are situated on Level -2. These offices are also for use by people renting a car but not flying from the airport.

The much smaller Terminal 1 also has 5 car hire check-in desks which are on the left as you coming through into arrivals. They are Auriga Crown Malaga Airport, Autos Lido Malaga Airport, Europcar Malaga Airport, National Malaga Airport and Sixt Malaga Airport.

Most of the off-airport rental firms are located on a slip road running adjacent to the approach road into the airport called Avenida Garcia Morato. These Malaga car hire companies are Cargest, First Car Group, Global, Helle Hollis, Holiday, Malagacar, National, Niza and Top rent-a-car. Getting to these is incredibly simple as each puts on a specially-dedicated courtesy bus that either schedules runs to and from the airport every 15 minutes or uses the flight details of the customers to turn up at the right time. These buses collect from just outside the arrivals terminal by the regular bus stop which is around 50 metres down on the right after exiting the building. When returning the vehicle, drivers are advised to go round the roundabout and come back on themselves to turn right into the slip road called Avenida Garcia Morato.

The final four Malaga Airport car rental firms are located just over the roundabout, after the BP garage on the right hand side and are Autolink, Marbesol, Tonys and Yellow Car. They are also reachable via a footbridge that runs over the road. To find the footbridge turn right out of the Malaga Airport departures hall and follow the signs for the train station, which will lead you a little further down before making you cross the road and go through the car park.