Male Domination In Film Industry

For centuries now the humankind had been patriarchal in nature. Most religions have been advocating the patriarchal system and this is being found in almost every walk of life. The entertainment industry is no exemption to this type of male domination. It is really interesting to note that in Shakespearean plays it was men that played the role of women. Right from the popular playwrights of the olden days to the modern day movie directors, all of the stories are hero-centered. The term male chauvinism as rightly used by the feminists movements during 1960s meant the belief that men were superior to women. It was during the second wave of feminist movement that women started to resist the male domination in movies. However, women are yet to establish their place in the film industry.

Relatively only a few women were able to outshine men in the film industry. This is mainly due to the unavailability of opportunities for women. Most of the movies, even today a century after the debut of feminism, still are hero centered. But for a few, most heroines are often characterized as glamour dolls that gratify the needs of supposedly heroic males. Although there have been some positive changes in the Hollywood, third world movie dominions, such as Bollywood and Kollywood are predominantly male centered ones.

The are a lot of disparities in the film industry when it comes to the pay of a male artist and a female artist. Even the top heroines are paid much lesser than the least popular heroes in the film industry. Pay is just the tip of the iceberg! The roots of male domination in the film industry go deeper that one may think of. It is true that women are physically weak however, most of them today have proved their talents and have even out paced men at various levels in the industry. Whether it be acting, or direction or any other technical field associated with the film industry. Yet the male domination in the industry has prevailed.

The reasons for male domination in the film industry are many. However, society has a major role in keeping the film industry a male dominated one. People of the developing countries are still unable to comprehend the dramatic changes that have been happening in the West. Hardcore feminists even blame women for the delay in realization of womens place in the film industry. Economists also find fault with governments slow reaction toward the upliftment of women in the film industry.

In order to avail an equal status in the film industry, women should awake arise and stop not until their goal is reached. Someone at some point of time should say enough to the male domination in the film industry. The modern world respects only talents and women have achieved great feats in various fields. It is a pity that the film industry that had been a pioneer in instructing the masses in various situations is yet to provide women their rightful place.