Mary Kay Consultant Assistance Ready, Set, Sell That Mary Kay Cosmetics Inventory

The party line for party plan consultants and party plan companies has always been book, sell and recruit!

When it comes to sales they tell you to Always Be Closing!

That is all well and good. However what is going to compel someone to choose you over the thousands of other Mary Kay beauty consultants?

Heres How You Do It:

Become A Brand:- You must become your number one fan! When you learn to differentiate yourself from all the mary kay consultants, then people will take notice. Oh No! Here she comes is really just a cry from the public asking you to be different. Statistics show that when people cannot find a discernable difference in products they will always choose the cheaper option. Give your customers a “purple cow!”
Improve your selling skills:- The golden rule of sales is ABC- Always Be Closing. This is an outdated approach. The golden rule of party plan is Always Be Connecting.
Always be contacting: Warm Chattering has its place. That said when you meet someone and all you do is give them a dollar value they know and No will always be the answer. The SLOW method is very effective S- Speak L-listen O-observe W- write.
Customer/Team Retention: It cost 10 times as much to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one happy. Yes recruiting is necessary, however you dont want to spend the rest of your mary kay career chasing after people to buy.
Referral Marketing:- Learn to wow your customers and facial appointments. They may not buy, and we all know that it takes up to 20 contacts for some to make a buying decision. You the pleasure of what you do is in the experience. Give your facial customers and business prospects the best treatment. When you ask for referrals, building a business will be so much fun. Use the Make Me Feel Special And More Principle!
Go back to basics:- What happened to host home parties, getting facial appointments? Stop buying inventory, start selling inventory
The OPK Principle:- Success is largely an issue of leveraging other peoples knowledge. You see the dead sea is dead simply because it takes in water, but never gives. You dont want to be the dead sea of your mary kay cosmetics business. Training and education is an ongoing requirement. Allow yourself to discover real time marketing approaches, you owe it yourself, your spouse, your children, your customers, your team and your God!

Mary Kay Consultant Training Tip:- People always tell you what they want. You must listen to know that it is.

Selling is the art of giving people what they want, not shoving something down their throat!