Maternity Clothes That Create A Slimming Effect

Pregnancy can leave you feeling bloated, but there’s no reason why your spirits should be lowered because of it. Embrace the beauty in this wonderful time by accentuating your favorite features with the right clothing choices. Maternity clothes have become more fashionable over the years, leaving pregnant women with even more stylish and flattering options. Fashion gurus have gotten together to discuss the most becoming pregnancy clothes and have decided on the following options:

” Empire Waist Tops
Empire waist tops accentuate the bosom and flair nicely over the belly. These types of tops are very versatile in that you can wear them throughout many stages of your pregnancy. This style typically has a lot of extra fabric starting right after the bust-line.

Stylist Outfit Suggestion: For a trendy look, pair an empire waist top with a pair of jean Capri’s.

” Knee-Length Dresses
Feel fabulous again by wearing a knee-length dress. The best type of dress for your pregnant belly is one that has little fabric on your chest and shoulders; opt for spaghetti straps. The best style begins to flow right after where your bra typically ends. This part is well defined by either a thick ribbon or additional detailing.

Stylist Outfit Suggestion: If your dress is a solid color and needs to be jazzed up a bit, try a pair of bright shoes or a brightly colored handbag. You’ll be sure to make a fashionable statement!

” Gaucho Pants
Black gaucho pants produce a comfy/casual look. They even out the pregnant body with their wide width without making you look plump. They create a long, elegant look and feel.
Stylist Outfit Suggestion: Wear gaucho pants with a tank top to create a bohemian style that is sure to make you feel gorgeous and comfortable.

” Tube Tops
I’m not referring to form fitting tube tops, but rather, tops that have a good amount of fabric so they are not too clingy. Tube tops are a chic, fun way to dress up your normal pregnancy attire. These tops show off your gorgeous, bare shoulders all while camouflaging your pregnant belly.

Stylist Outfit Suggestions: On your nights out, try a black sequined tube top with a dark denim knee-length skirt.

” Cardigans
Cardigans are a great way to stay warm and look fashionable. Button just a few buttons towards the top of the cardigan and let the rest of the cardigan lay open. Pair a plain cardigan with a colored top underneath to vamp up your style.

Stylist Outfit Suggestions: Cardigans are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. You can dress them up or down. For a casual look, wear your cardigan with a pair of wide leg jeans and some bangle bracelets.

These clothing suggestions are picked out for pregnant women who want to create a slimming look, stay trendy and most importantly, feel beautiful. When you’re wearing something you don’t feel good in, it will show. There’s no reason why you can’t feel and look stunning while being pregnant.