Men;s 09 brand new conference Emperor show Obama magic – Royal brand men;s, sui

Men were 09 Royal brand new fashion line release and presentation, divided into “Feng, Ya, Song,” three main series, respectively, from fashion, business, classic, such as different design underlines the wisdom of the city elite men , successful, open-minded, confident, steady demeanor and leadership style of the king, leading the men’s fashion trend this year.

HC Apparel Network China’s well-known Men Emperor card brand in China in the annual Clothing Event?? “China International Clothing & Accessories Fair “Held on the theme” God Yun Hua Zhang, “the 09 stylish new conference. And as a result of the date of release to resemble the image of U.S. President Barack Obama and popular in Indonesia, the world of international photography king Anas, his image appeared This second show became a hot spot, attracting many visitors and media attention.

Timor brand Men: Release the trend of new lead

“China International Clothing & Accessories Fair” is Asia’s most influential apparel and professional exhibition, held in each session attracted a large number of well-known clothing brands at home and abroad to participate, as the Emperor of China famous brands Men also have no license exception.

In the current exhibition, God made men’s brand new release series of 09 fashion and display, categorized as “Feng, Ya, Song,” three main series, respectively, from fashion, business, classic design style, such as different highlights the urban elite men wisdom, success, open-minded, confident, steady demeanor and leadership style of the king, leading the men’s fashion trend this year.

God card “Feng, Ya, Song,” The design inspiration is the mighty momentum from last year, demonstrating that the Chinese market the charm of the Olympic event. Therefore, God will not only brand men’s imperial heritage and cultural essence of Chinese culture and the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics demonstrated the confidence of Chinese cultural roots through the clear theme of the show the power out, while also providing historical and cultural symbols embody the East China imprint fashion trends and reflect the prevalence of color blend of Chinese elements into the season products, to uphold the honor and the atmosphere of the Chinese classical style from time to time reveals unique, refined yet modern style. King-class hero image of the sensation


At the event, in addition to men’s 09 Imperial brand new fashion line by fashion circles, the Emperor card 09 large posters fall and winter is causing a stir throughout the venue, the King-class actor is currently popular in the world Network International Photography king.

It is understood that the King-level people from Indonesia, Anas, King of the international photography class leader, as President-elect Barack Obama and the United States looks almost exactly the same appearance, he quickly became the world’s First Red.

New fashion in 09 conference, Imperial brand new men’s shows each series of 09 autumn and winter fashion clothing poster. An “Obama” dressed in brand new jacket Timor posters, showing the romantic fashion the international superstar charisma attracted the attention of the audience and the media. Poster at another site, the “Obama” are dressed Suit Suits, from a trace of an king style of temperament, to enable the whole people are stunned by his appearance.

After the Imperial brand men’s artistic director Lu? President admitted that Emperor card would not simply want the public’s attention, to attract people’s attention. But to help in a special way and a special fashion element to display on the fashion apparel brand Emperor’s sensitive grasp and insight contemplation is God card brand self-confidence based on a “show” and a “cynical . ”

Present, Royal brand men have thousands of people worldwide brand stores, 09 fashion new series in more than 20 provinces, municipalities, and the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Southeast Asia and other countries have been listed simultaneously.

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