Men’s Fashion – Summer Sandal Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to matters footwear for men, none other footwear presents potential pitfall as does sandals. Sandals can be too hippy, feminine, chunky or plain ugly. In this article I present do’s and don’ts of men’s sandals. Keenly observing these sandal dos and don’t s will help you trot to the shore all summer in confidence and even to work in a sandaled chic manner.

Sandals don’t s

Talk of the world worst sandal offenders and those types designed for outdoor activity come up top. This sandal looks more of full on shoe with cutouts than chic summer sandal. There’s no doubt about its comfort given the sizable lug sole and synthetic water absorbent material. As much this sandal are comfy, they may not be suitable for all occasions outside of what they were designed for. If you’re going hiking then you better get some good boots and not these sandals.

Birkenstock USA

Tevas and Birkenstock are best suited for a sit in and not a night out with the boys. If you owned a pair of these at the summer camp and gleefully wore then with some subtly witty shirt, necklace and shorts, then it’s time you grew up. Good masculine sandal ought to convey casual sophistication and not a bonfire. As much as these shoes are supposed to be practical, their inability to resist moisture and a high price tag speaks to the contrary. If you put them on for a stroll to the shore, then be prepared to dry them for days and you may also have to put up with the awful smell.

Don’t cover up Socks and sandals

Tracing the sandal sock combination is a nearly impossible task, but come summer then you’re sure to spot many offenders loyal to this fashion disgrace. A stroll to the local museum, shopping mall, amusement park and most other places where European tourists converge and you’re sure to find a sock covered feet neatly strangled in sandal terribly in need of air. It’s sad news for a continent that is seen as the fashion trend setter and for once this is definitely something you don’t wanna go Euro.

Don’t buy in bulk

Do you know Dr. Martens still exists? This iconic 90s thing with black shoe or boots with orange stitching enjoyed it’s time. What I don’t find surprising is that if Dr. Martens were to design sandals, then they’d be just as cumbersome. Summer is meant for light and comfortable shoes, and going for heavy shoes that look like a block of wood on your foot deviates from the purpose.

Don’t slide around

Athletic slip-ons should be left to sideline soccer players. It may seem convenient and easy to slip your foot into a lightweight rubber or foam sandals, but this is not a fashion statement you wanna make outside your home turf. These sandals have very limited survival ability outside normal habitat despite of their sturdiness. Irrespective of how you wear them, you’ll always portray the look of an “out of practice” soccer player and I doubt if even Beckam would wear them.