Men’s Fashion – The Dominating Favourites

As I write this, London Fashion Week is well under way and I cannot help but wonder just what new and wondrous creations will attempt to make a bang in the world of men’s fashion. Judging by the number of previous catwalk shows I have witnessed I predict a range of drastically bold colours and prints, weird shaped pants and jumpers that might not work quite as well in everyday life.

It is strange but no matter what happens and what the leading men’s designers attempt to throw our way, whether it is garish greens, bold blues or neon fabrics; men’s fashion has and always will have those dominating favourites that will never change.

In my personal experience and following years of working in the fashion world our appreciation and adoration for simple yet beautifully cut suits, smart trousers, polo shirts and plain cotton jumpers will never die. Many may consider this as boring and try to put us down to be the least fashionable men in the world but if these styles are so fashion poor than why is it that, in such a vast number of years and despite the introduction of every new design and style you can think of, we still dress like this?

Admittedly leading fashion designers have attempted to mix things up a little with bright colours and patterns and bold uses of materials but those only ever work in the world of cat-walks, celebrities and fashion magazines. For the real men, those who are working the nine to five in their offices, those who attend family weddings, take their wives to dinner and go on holiday in the summer there is hardly a place for a yellow suit is there?

It seems boring and rather monotonous but our love of the classic styles in those everlasting greys, blacks and browns is something that will never die and in fact if you ask me it never has to. By not wearing something so bright and outrageous you shouldn’t fear that you are losing out in the fashion races, instead take a step back and remind yourself that your grandfather, father and even leading celebrities like James Bond’s Daniel Craig have worn these classic styles and classic colours that have always worked well for them so they can continue to work well for you.

In the wake of London Fashion Week I think I can confidently state that, no matter what the new fad may be, what the latest colours and styles become and what people consider to be the must have accessories; the classic men’s designer clothing will always remain the dominating favourites.

Smart suits and shirts for the office, jeans trousers and polo’s during the casual days and maybe some linen trousers on the weekend or during a holiday will always be in the wardrobes of many men for years to come. Nothing will knock those favourites of the tops spot, don’t you agree?