Mlm Advertising What Never To Do First!

Never Advertise Your MLM!

So, your first question has to be, Then how can I find new MLM prospects if I dont do MLM advertising.

Think about the nature of the MLM prospects you need to attract. Many of those who are laying in wait out there are fully inexperienced. The offer on the fluorescent green, MLM advertising, postcard appeals to them so they sign up. But, they have no idea about what they are getting into. They have no idea how to do effective MLM advertising maybe send out a gazillion postcards like the one they received. Shy away from such MLM prospects because the vast majority of them will fail and, therefore, so will you. Your business is only as strong as the quality of those you have marketing for you (in your down line). They need to be at least somewhat knowledgeable MLM prospects right from the beginning. (If they arent, you can, of course, train them.)

What sort of MLM prospect should you be seeking? Make your MLM advertising available to those who have had at least enough success to be willing to keep trying. This kind of MLM prospect is the one who understands that success or failure depends on the quality of the MLM advertising strategy employed. In other words, the valuable MLM prospect asks, How can I improve my MLM advertising? What sort of MLM advertising should I be doing? Where should I place my MLM advertising? How do I obtain or write super-effective MLM advertising copy?

The secret is for you to have fantastic answers ready when MLM prospects ask those questions. The best MLM prospects are, then, those who understand that the first step is knowing how to market how to craft and place reliably effective MLM advertising. They understand it is not so much the MLM offer itself (vitamins, groceries, or whatever) that is important, as it is the marketing strategy behind the program.

The successful leaders in MLM are those who have first mastered marketing techniques. In carnival lingo, the good hawker (salesman) can sell anything. Learn the proven marketing strategies first. Provide a superior marketing system to your MLM prospects. Nurture those MLM prospects who demonstrate an eagerness to learn. Only then make your MLM advertising offer. Your success will follow.

You are beginning to understand the concept hawked in the title of this article, Never Advertise Your MLM. A better statement would be, Never first approach your MLM prospects with your MLM. Always lead with free information about how to do successful MLM advertising. It weeds out those who wish to operate on hope, luck, and little actual effort on their part, and attracts those who are willing to do the work sweat the sweat. If you are familiar with working an MLM operation you understand how devastating just one slacker in your downline can be to your over-all effort.

Bottom line: Always lead with the strategy, the How to Reel in MLM Prospects. Do this by offering free training in articles, like this one for example, and in your blog or website. Once an MLM prospect understand that you know what youre doing and that you are eager to help him learn what he needs to know, you will have a loyal follower. When it comes time to make your MLM offer, he will be eager to learn about it because he already trusts and respects you and because he has gained confidence from your training that he can be successful.