Modern Business Correspondence

Today we live in a highly modernized period where we can find lots of innovations, practical techniques, and technological advancements compared in the past. Business industry is one of the industries that benefits to the modernized revolution of science and technology. Thus, business communication has a great factor and mean contribution to the success of different businesses. However, computer era invaded the communication world and people thought that the growth of this new dimension will get rid the usual paper we used when it comes to business correspondence. But business correspondence can be use in papers as well as in electronic mail. The types of business correspondence that are use in the business community are business letters, business reports, faxes, memos, and email. Every company uses email to communicate internally and externally to colleagues and clients which is of course related to the field of work. Business letters are commonly used in companies as to request payment, thank customers or to solicit business. There is also a reference line that includes important details such as relevant account, order or purchase number. Remember to include the contact information where the recipients will be able to easily reach you if they have questions or concerns. Regardless of the details, all business letters should follow a standard format which includes the date, the name and address of the recipient as well as sender name and address. Memos are little documents with demanding requests and written properly. Memos should include To, From, Date and Subject. There should have a brief explanation on the exact information or clear instruction which is conveyed to the employees. Business reports refer to a variety of reports including a business proposal, marketing plan, project analysis, or financial overview. To make business reports effective, include summary or recommendation that is not based on personal opinions and make sure to find out exactly what kind of information youre client wants and the questions they want answered in the report. A good communication aids in the exchange of intelligent information or ideas, and with great agreement this may lead to a very successful business. Anyone who is involved in a business must know the importance of writing a good business correspondence. The techniques and style must be simple and the words should be clear and comprehensive. And most of all, it is easy to understand and there must be sincerity behind it.