New Fashion Trend Of Cosmetic Raw Materials Market

On the latest research report of cosmetic raw materials market, it says that with the requirements of cosmetics from consumers, not only with cleansing, moisturizing and other functions, but also the cosmetics should be anti-wrinkle and enhance skin elasticity; cosmetic manufacturers begin large-scale using natural actives. And because of the increasing demand for natural ingredients, and the anti-aging cosmetics, the vitamins, actives and plant extracts will dominate the cosmetics raw materials market in future.
Experts note that the consumer trend will be the future trend of aglobal cosmetics market, the U.S and increases the demand of vitamin E acetate, grape seed extract, soybean isoflavones and green tea polyphenols in American market over the past decade. These natural active ingredients can be used as antioxidants, skin conditioners and moisturizers. The other for skin and hair care, as well as shrimp extract chitosan, astaxanthin seaweed extract and yeast or fungi algae polysaccharide extract -xylanase. Cosmetics and skin care manufacturers to add vitamins and botanical products, pharmaceutical ingredients, in order to fight the natural, health-care brand, and now the effect of these active compounds have been confirmed in use. Such as vitamin E as an effective antioxidant, is usually added to a series of anti-aging products, but also for hair care products, so that these products are more nutritional. As extracted from the wild mango triglycerides and sterols can be used for skin care cosmetics, rice bran wax extract can prevent the skin cracking, extracted from the fermentation of milk, “galactan” can promote hair growth, it can be used for the preparation of germinal agent.
Development of new cosmetics must have the backing of new cosmetic ingredients. Therefore outside the cosmetics manufacturers are sparing no effort to find new cosmetic raw materials. Has developed a new type of cosmetic ingredients listed are about hundreds of different kinds, listed below are some of the main raw material of cosmetics or new R & D materials.
1 Yellow gentian: 5 to 10 years to mature high tolerance — gentian extract the precious plant, both to strengthen the moisturizing effect, and also increased the skin absorption of whitening cream can get rid of pigmentation, depth stratum corneum, from the basement whitening, pigmentation, dark sallow skin conditions improve.
2 Almonds: almonds may moisturizing beauty, the ancient home health soothing beauty of the main drug. Almond oil is rich in fat and protein, with a moist skin, pass through the Lee network effects.
3 Apple: Apple in the acid spots for Dodge has a good effect.
4 Red grapes: the seeds of red grapes from Australia to extract from the Australian source grape seed extract, rich in OPC (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins Procyanidins) super anti-oxidant. OPC antioxidant vitamin E is 50 times, 20 times more vitamin C, biotin can prevent over 80 kinds of diseases caused by free radicals, as the best natural skin protection star.
5 Olive: Olive oil is rich in vitamins, including vitamin E content than other plants, both nourish dry skin, oily skin can inhibit the secretion of sebum, the skin for a variety of state regulation. Strong when the sun, painted cream with olive oil sunscreen products may take longer time to keep the skin moisture, skin, while Bu Zhiyu effective sunscreen too dry. The olive leaf extract from the activity of compound ingredients, rich in antioxidants, smooth skin of fine lines, anti-aging with good results.
6 Licorice: Licorice solvent extraction separation and purification of flavonoids in licorice ingredient, with moderate inhibition of tyrosinase enzyme, licorice extract has been proven to be the most effective plant whitening agent. As the active ingredient in licorice content is not high and purification is very difficult, so it is one of the most expensive cosmetic raw materials. Recently, the solvent extraction separation and purification of glycyrrhizic acid in licorice search to be successful, and adopted by the Institute of High Technology Research and Development Bureau and the technical appraisal.
In all, these new cosmetic raw materials extracting from natural plants and marine organisms, are mainly natural proteins, peptides, polysaccharides, polyphenols and other extracts. Natural extract is widely used in cosmetics, such as to prevent the aging of skin cells, absorbs ultraviolet light, resistance to cold stimulation and to keep the skin delicate and so on. So it is not hard to believe that: as technology continues develops, a variety of vitamins, actives, plant extracts will be separated from animals and plants and be more widely used associating with the mainstream of the times.